RSE Ascension

You have watched the episodes where the Federation and its allies win against their overwhelmingly powerful enemies. The good guys always succeed against insurmountable odds, and yet why? It is because the world you exist in is a pleasant one where there are always happy endings and you do not need to worry about the Borg, the Dominion or the Romulans invading your world and reducing you to absolutely nothing.

The fascination of your mind awaits. Through a storyline of epic proportions, there is a place for those who wish to succeed through sheer wit, intellect and mental prowess. To manipulate, and to be recognized for your achievements be them through duty or skill. This is the journey of all who join the Tal'Shiar

It is your destiny to walk among the chosen Romulan Imperial Tal'Shiar, the elite secret force that patrols and maintains the true loyalty and power of the Empire. Are you tired of seeing the good guys win? Do you wish for the thrill of interrogation, battle and the challenge of your mind? The devious, yet powerful Tal'Shiar are once again feared in the universe.

Now is your chance to be one of them. Join the crew at Ascension Base, the Tal’Shiar’s newest center of operations, where only the most elite of Tal’Shiar officers are trained. From this base of operations, Tal’Shiar Ascension teams carry out the bidding of Empire, striking fear into those who would dare oppose the Rising Star of Eisn.

This sim is no longer active.

HONOR - POWER - VICTORY ¤| RSE Ascension |¤


RSE Ascension Website

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