Name: Rampage

Primary function: Warlord

Alt mode: huge transmetal crab

Alt mode 2: “Crab tank”

Weapons: Tri-barreled cannon - 60 missiles total, fired one at a time, reloaded 3 at a time (forms the tank barrel) rifle - 500 rounds per clip, carries 5 clips claws (crab mode only)

Profile: Rampage is what Autobots and Decepticons would call a monster. He is the result of an old experiment gone awry. He is cruel, cunning, and most of all merciless. Having a distinct hatred towards both Autobots and Decepticons, Rampage joined the ArmourCommandos, taking interest in the one who calls himself “The General”. For those young bots who’ve never heard of him, their luck has run out.

Abilities: Rampage has a “mutant” Spark, much like Starscream and Omnicron, and thus is virtually immortal. He also has one of the highest durability and pain threshold ratings of any Transformer, which can quickly demoralize his opponents. In crab mode, his huge, hulking claws can crush nearly any bot that gets caught in or under them. His tri-barreled cannon’s cluster missiles are capable of leveling a small mountaintop. He also has slow regenerative properties. While this doesn't help much if he's blown apart, if a limb is blown off and he reattaches it, it will be functional again within a mega cycle or so.

Weaknesses: His high pain threshold could lead him to continue on when he should be retreating for repairs. He isn't very agile, either.

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