Name: Ratchet

Primary function: Autobot medic

Alt mode: Ambulance


Electromagnets x2

EMP generator

"Hold still. This won't hurt a bit."

Profile: Before the Great War, Ratchet was one of the best civilian medics on all of Cybertron. But war is The Pit, he learned that all too well. It left him bitter and cynical, though he’s recently begun to ‘lighten up’ as it were. After the war, Ratchet got himself placed in a dead end position of repairing space bridges, seeing it as a way to get away from what he experienced. Little did he know that he’d be involved with a small, blue planet called Earth, or it’s inhabitants, let alone become quite attached to them. In particular, he formed a close friendship with a young girl named Sari, whom has recently gone through some startling changes. (I.E. her upgrade) Having been pulled into this time line by some event called the Cataclysm, he’s finding himself working alongside this group of Autobots his friend has become fond of, and surprisingly, Lockdown. If this is the will of the AllSpark, then he’ll do what he can to keep his new comrades in one piece.

Abilities: Ratchet’s main tools/weapons are a pair of electromagnets that extend from his forearms. With them, he can move metal-based objects, levitate downward from high heights, manipulate or tear apart metallic objects in midair, or create magnetic shields. His EMP generator works in a similar way to Lockdown’s new one, but it quickly recharges shortly after use. He mostly uses these as medical tools, not weapons. He also carries a wide variety of surgical and medical tools, but he never uses them for combat.

Weaknesses: Ratchet, though trying to work on his bitterness from the Great War, is still not the friendliest Autobot around. Also, he’s primarily a medic, and thus isn’t likely to be fighting on the front line if he can help it.

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