Name: Rattrap vr. 00

Primary function: Stealth Missions/Gathering Information.

Alt mode: Rat Form 1: Looks like a medium-sized rat with black, metallic fur. Has a long tail, also covered with the black, metallic fur, which he uses for balance while on poles, going straight up/down, etc. About the only thing that could really give him away in this form is his red, metallic eyes with no pupils. Has a short snout, covered in the black, metallic fur, with a pinkish nose at the end, but it can't be seen that easilly, especially in darkness. His feet are also covered in the black, metallic fur, and he uses his claws for both attacking and for climbing.

Alt mode 2: Rat Form 2: In this form, he still looks like a rat, but, in this form, he's able to use some of his weaponry, not all. He's also still on all four of his legs, which still gives him an advantage to both speed and stealth.


Tail Energon Twin Scythe (Only in Transformed State): This unique weapon that he has can only be used while he's in his Transformed State. It's not detachable, which can be a disadvantage for him, but with the Twin Scythe Energy Blades, it's still a very formidable weapon.

Energon Cannon (on back; can be used while in Alt. State 2 and/or Transformed State; detachable 20 shots): This cannon, mounted on his back, fires off shots of pure Energon. It can be used in either his Alt. Form 2 and/or his Transformed State, and is detachable. While in his Alt. Form 1, it's inside his body, which doesn't enable him to use it. Though very powerful, it takes about ten seconds for it to recharge after each shot, and, every once in a while, he must find Energon Crystals to restore its power after it's "ammo" has run out, which is twenty shots total.

Twin Small Gatling Guns (on left arm; only used in Transformed State; 100 rounds/gun): These Twin Gatling Guns, which are inside his left arm, fires off Hallowed-pointed, Armor-piercing rounds in three-round bursts, but can be switched to single-round as well. Though they're Armor-piercing, they can go straight through most metals very easilly, but as the metal gets stronger, it'll take more time to get through, and they can't go through the strongest metals.

Profile: Rattrap_00


Stealth Cloaking: An Energon Cloaking ability that he can use. Though he can't be seen by the naked eye, his heat signatures are a dead give-away (for those that can sense it). Also, he can only hold this ability for about only ten minutes.


- Doesn't have a lot of physical strength. - Though very quick, agile, and stealthy, he doesn't have a lot of Stamina while engaged in battle. - Though reliable on most occasions, he's chronically late for some things like meetings, coming to help, Missions, etc.

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