Ravage (SG)

Function: Saboteur AltMode: Cassette Allegiance: Ronin’s SPECIAL Friend; loyal saboteur of the Shattered Glass Decepticons “Look at me, I’m waving!”

Weapons: (2) 1-megaton proton bombs razor-sharp fangs razor-sharp claws

Profile: Ravage fell through a manifestation of the Cataclysm and was dropped on board Captain Mir’s ship, Quality of Mercy. Ravage is originally from the Shattered Glass universe. He is an expert saboteur and is highly skilled at sneaking into enemy hideouts and wreaking havoc. He rarely remains unnoticed, however, due to his desire to be seen.

Because Ravage has become BFF with Ronin, Mir has allowed Ravage to view Mercy as a home.

Description: Ravage is a white panther with gold optics. His Decepticon symbol is bright red. Ravage is lolhappycat and often speaks in the lolcat vernacular. He rarely goes into his cassette altmode and prefers to stalk and lounge around as a cat.

Weaknesses: Ravage loves to be noticed by everybody, enemies included. This makes it hard for him to remain unnoticed for long during sneaking missions. He loves to be the center of attention.

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