Name: Ravage
Faction: Decepticon
Function: Spy
Robot mode: Feline

Alt Mode: Re-entry mode
Weapons: 2 hip mounted guns. Either can fire bullets or missiles.
Tail barbs, teeth, body spikes and claws on his paws.

Bio: Ravage was the right hand man of Soundwave, often inserted from orbit for infiltration missions where speed and guile were needed. Although many doubted his intelligence, Ravage was more than capable of outhinking alot of opponents.

Lost in dimensions due to the Cataclysm, Ravage found himself allied with the local Decepticons, falling in favour with Stunshock, often staying by his side as a pet. Despite his affection for this treatment, Ravage has no qualms about being sent on missions, be they combat or espionage.

Ravage has an extensive array of sensors that allow him to detect the smallest of movement. Only a fully functioning cloaking device can fool him, though he also uses his more animalistic senses (hearing, smell, much like BW Silverbolt), allowing him to sense when someone hidden is present, even if he can't pinpoint them. He can be inserted into a hostile situation from any launch tube from any vessel in his re-entry mode in a matter of seconds from orbit, or use small thrusters to launch himself out of an airlock if no missile port is available, though they are too weak to allow proper flight. He can be fired in this manner from any gun port big enough to hold him.

Ravage was spying on Sam Whitwicky when he was sucked into another dimension. Finding himself in the Shattered Glass Autobot City, he used his skills to remain undetected and record what he could. He attempted to free Nightstalker, but was overcome by numbers. Escaping off a cliff, he was picked up by SG Pounder, where he was informed about what was going on and made his report on the city interior and Nightstalker. After initial mistrust due to being chased by Dark Sari, Ravage let Sari scratch behind his ear, realising she had found his sweet spot. Ravage returned to teh city and helped Sari and Dark Sari get past Tankor and guard the portal. When Pounder was injured, Ravage guarded him, acting as a crutch. He leapt infront of a sword strike aimed at Pounder's back, suffering heavy, but non fatal wounds to his chest.

When the question came up about Ravage not being of the same place as the others, he had a choice: return with them or stay in the SG universe. He was promtply thrown by Foresaken through the portal.

In the Warzone, Ravage went with his insticts and stayed with Sari, deciding she was the least likely to attack him and the most likely to get him patched up until he had learnt enough of this universe to decide what to do. He was carried by Cyberfrost to Autobot City where Red Alert patched him up.

Weaknesses: Ravage is designed for infiltration missions. As such, he is geared for speed and agility. Direct combat against powerful mechs will force him to retreat. Ravage can't speak, only growl and roar, as such, it can be difficult to communicate with others unless he uses his transmitter to send them direct messages. Finally, Ravage only has one optic. If this gets destroyed, he must use his other senses, though he obviously won't be as effective.

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