Name: Razorfang

Alt. Mode 1: Cyber Tyrannosaurus Rex

Alt. Mode 2: Battle Armor (W/shoulder guns)

Allegiance: Decepticon

Function: Armored Support

Weapons: Shoulder particle cannons (both in robot and alt), 2x DD44 Dostovei semi-auto pistol, wrist blades, mouth particle beam in Cyber T-rex mode

Bio: In the quest for being the ultimate warrior Master Galvatron has created Razorfang, a mech who can not only be lethal on his own, but also link up with MG to give the Decepticon added armor and firepower to help in the tightest of spots. Razorfang is a warrior first in foremost he enjoys nothing more than the feel of his opponent's cold energon running down his wrist blade, or shooting holes in every one of their vital areas. Although recently created he is exceptionally skilled in the art of combat, thanks in part to his spark having copied combat elements of the Decepticons Blitzwing, Blast Off, SixShot, and Bludgeon. He can be often found either polishing his guns or wrist blades when not in battle.

Strengths: Subject's alternate mode allows him to sniff out his enemies when they are hiding or difficult to find, Subject's armor can also withstand a good bit of damage since he is not as fast in his alternate mode. Subject has also been known to be able to cause fissures by giving a powerful stomp upon the ground in alternate mode as well as an acute sense of hearing in both Alternate and vehicle mode

Weaknesses: Subjects only known weakness in alternate mode are attacks from side, rear, or direct dive-bomb attacks. Weaknesses in robot mode are also unknown except for sonic attacks

Ability: Subject's cannon's have the ability to also form a protective particle shield for a short time

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