Red baron

Function: Iron warrior Mechanical Technician Alt mode:

alt mode:

Red baron biplane

Bio: During an old war on planet earth a transformer was found buried in germany. This was withheld from the general public. He was lost from the german scientists when his scanners scanned one of there aircraft and was mistaken for one of the many produced aircraft. It was christened the red baron and was never shot down. This was due to the fact that standard weapons used on earth during this time could not penetrate his cybertronian alloys. After the war he was placed into statis. His internal personality circuitry was damaged while imbedded in the ground and as such he remained just a normal aircraft until he was found and recovered by a search team from the Iron warriors in 1925. Upon his reactivation he adopted the name red baron and refused all offers to alter his vehicle mode. This stubborn attitude means that many other seekers with more advanced systems and higher top speeds have a hard time locking on and even engaging Red baron. He has completed many missions for the Iron Warriors without being shot down. He is not normally deployed in battle as his inherant expertise with the engines of the GIGAN mean he is more valuable to the Iron warriors as a technician.


Alt mode: 2 X Syncronised laser machine guns.

Robot mode: Modified german style luger laser pistol.

Adamantium enforcement staff.


Red baron exhibits no known pyhsical weaknesses. His alt mode is very slow.

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