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Various religions from the Red Dwarf SeriesEdit

Mechanoid Religion - Silicon Heaven is an afterlife concept, where electronic equipment goes after death. The concept is used to keep robots, many of which are stronger and more intelligent than their masters, from rebelling; a belief chip is installed in robots to ensure that they will believe that they will go to Silicon Heaven after a life of servitude to humanity.

Cat Religion - Cloister the Stupid is the Cat race's God, as recorded in their Holy book. The Cat describes how he was 'frozen in time' in order to save 'the holy mother' (Frankenstein, Lister's pet cat from which the Felis Sapiens race evolved). He actually turns out to be Lister ("The Stupid?!" Lister exclaims), who was put in suspended animation rather than giving up Frankenstein. The Cats believed that one day he would return and lead them to Fuchal, the Cat version of paradise. (RD: The End) This was a corruption of Lister's desire to set up home on Fiji. He would open a temple of food (diner) and serve hotdogs and doughnuts.

The Cat People went to war over what colour hats would be worn in Fuchal. Some believed them to be red and others blue. Most of the Cat People were killed during the civil war, which astounded Lister, since he had intended the hats to be green.

Cloister apparently gave the Cat people Five Sacred Laws. Lister noted that he had broken four of them himself. He hadn't broken the fifth, but only because there were no sheep aboard Red Dwarf.

Lister's love of curries and other foods were incorporated into the Cat religion. Priests of the order wore sacred custard stains and gravy marks, and believed that Cloister would return wearing a golden doughnut and carrying a golden sausage.

Lister ultimately saw fit to self fulfill this prophecy, taking some items from the statues of himself and barging in, in dramatic fashion for the old dying Felis Sapien priest left aboard Red Dwarf. (RD: Waiting For God)

Christianity - Jesus of Nazareth was a religeous icon and leader, similar to Lister. It was in his name that Christianity was formed.

Before turning 30, Jesus travelled the world with his twin brother learning to be a good leader. In 23 AD, he was in India at the same time as the crew of the Red Dwarf.

Jesus was sentenced to crucifixion in later years. He and his twin brother, however, were said to have possibly switched places, so that he could marry Mary Magdalene, have children and "invent the wheelbarrow."

Christianity formed in his teachings and name. A special branch later formed of a group correctly theorising that Jesus and Judas were siblings and that they had, at one point, switched places. Arnold Rimmer's mother was in this branch, and thus named her son Arnold Judas Rimmer, hoping that he could sacrifice his popularity for others, like she knew Judas to. ("Lemons")

During an STCP mission Captain Jay Chrysler accidently assumed the identy of Jesus Christ.  Jay's mission was to kill Pontius Pilate (A Renegade Simulant).  Unfortunatly Jay failed in his mission and was executed on the cross by Pilate's men.  Lucky for Jay he was pulled out of time before he died and created the illusion he went to heaven.  After centuries of andventuers Jay and the Crew of the Blue Dwarf accidently arrive three days after Jesus (Jay) died in his tomb.

After Jay recoverd his supplies he left in the tomb he escaped and created the illusion he came back from the dead.  Later on his encounter with Judas and a few others helped confirm his resurection. In order for Jay to help his crew escape the time paradox they had to kill Pontius Pilate.  After defending themselves against Pontius Pilate centurians Jay and his crew tricked Pontius Pilate into an abanonded ship which was rigged to explode.  Once Pontius Pilate and his men were dead Jay and his crew escaped the time paradox to their next adventure.

Various religions from the Blue Dwarf SeriesEdit

Archiver's - Phil FeBuggure was worshiped by an alien species calling themselves the archivers after their holy book the C'ry'ler Prophecies. Little is known about them except that they randomly kidnap Phil to tell him stuff he already knows.

Calamar ReligionCalamar Monks are the representatives of the religious part of the Calamar. They are very similar to human Shaolin Monks in many ways. They prefer to not fight unless necessary, they meditate often, they study history and traditional medicine and they practice Zen-Kata. Zen-Kata is a form of aquatic martial arts, which is highly effective.

Long ago when the JMC was colonizing other worlds for resources and research they found a planet called Poseidon II. The JMC established a huge water bottle processing company, called Aquafina. The water plant was a front for a secret military base that had many secrets. The JMC officers were very fond of calamari and breed squid as a food source. During a mysterious accident the squid were released into the water and slowly evolved over the next three million years. After growing the spider legs and entering the early stages of mental evolution some of the Calamar discovered the underwater water plant and slowly figured out many secrets.The base was named the “Temple of Aquafina” and represented the goddess Aquafina or goddess of water.The founders of the temple created the Calamar Monks, which was the main focus of the Calamar people.

First Appearance

On the planet now called Fernandos the last Calamar Monk named Franky made his home at the bottom of a huge lake. After a brief encounter Jaxx became an Apprentice Calamar Monk (Like an Aquatic Shaolin Monk) in training to Franky.  Franky implanted the lessons via telepathy into Jaxx's mind before Jaxx and the crew moved on.  The lessons will unlock as each lesson is learned and when they are finally complete a psychic tatoo will appear on Jaxx's forehead. Jaxx agreed to spread the word of the Big Blue Ocean to any sentient aquatic life forms he will encounter in order to keep the Calamar religion alive.