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Honestly why would you even want to piss her off are you insane.

Renora is a mage who is half reaper, and half human. Her mother was a human mage while her father was the king of reapers. Her immediate family includes her daughter, Myla, whom she created out of pure magic, and her late sister, Vixa. Renora dresses in blakc and red mage robes. When she is angry, a smoky black trail emulates from her eyes which turn at least darker, and a black fire forms around her body.She is rather formal, as she demonstrates by adressing royalty with their title (Such as Prince Kyle or Prince Dmitri), even if they are close friends. Renora has demonstrated she is a master of both magic and reaping, as well as adept in hand to hand combat. 


Birth and Early LifeEdit

Renora was born to a mage named Imera, and the king of reapers, Vuxtus. It was an easy birth, due to Imera's magic speeding up the process and alleviating the pain. Vuxtus loved his daughter seemingly from the moment he laid eyes on her, proclaiming that she would one day be a great leader. When Renora was finally old enough to train, her father trained her to see if she could reap with the rest of the reapers