Resident Evil: The Final ConflictEdit

Resident Evil: The Final Conflict is from the Resident Evil RPG. It goes to the years of 2008 and 2009, where some of the greatest heroes of the Resident Evil Series meet again in the final conflict to end Umbrella. This is yet another fight of good verses evil. It doesn't matter about civillians or shelter, because the Final Conflict has affected the whole world. America has been rampaged by Tyrants and Nemesises, Europe filled with the living dead, Asia and Japan ravaged by legions of B.O.W.'s(Bio-Organic Weapon);Nowhere is safe. This is truly the Final Conflict, and it decides the fate of the world.


Ex-S.T.A.R.S. and US GovernmentEdit

Chris Redfield- This Master in Marksmanship has been fighting an endless battle against Umbrella for over 10 years. It happened 11 years in a faked mission to end all of the S.T.A.R.S.'s lives, until it backfired. Ever since, Chris and his friends have been focused and bringing down Umbrella.

Jill Valentine-A great friend of Chris and a former Cat Burglar, Jill was and is still known as "the master of unlocking" because of her skills with the lockpick. She, Chris, Barry, and Rebecca all survived the first Mansion Incident, the one that put their lives in the battlefield of Umbrella. She put her life in danger to go back to the deathtrap of Raccoon City and find evidence of Umbrella's deeds. She and Chris fought in the Russian Umbrella HQ, and set the "end" of Umbrella for then. Like Chris and all the other brave souls against the evil, she won't rest until Umbrella is finally put to an end.

Barry Burton-Even though Barry is a very old fellow in the fight, he still wants some action. At age 46, he still packs a punch with a 44. revolver magnum! He is a master at weaponry, favoring the Colt series in particular, such as the Colt 1911, the Colt Python, and others. He joined Anti-Umbrella in 2000, and fought for four years until Umbrella so apparently "died". He won't stop until Umbrella gets a mouthful of 357. slugs!

Leon S. Kennedy-Ever since the Raccoon Incident in 1998, Leon has been a key role against Umbrella for 11 years. He's been manipulating things without even knowing it, and been making catastrophic things happen, mostly towards Umbrella. He joined the Raccoon Police Department in 1998, and he encountered zombies on the first day on the job! After surviving the incident, he made a deal with the US government to keep another survivor, a little girl named Sherry Birkin, apparently the daughter of Umbrella scientist William Birkin, safe. After Umbrella "died", he joined the US Government and finally went to protecting the President himself. Encountering another deadly mission, this time with a bunch of cult fanatics and parasitic monsters, he's made it where no one else did. He's the main anchor of the good side, and Wesker's mortal enemy, though he very much intimidates the Umbrella man. After four years in peaceful service, he's back, and with the help of others, he's going to end this nightmare.


Albert Wesker- Wesker is the reason that the mansion incident even happened. He led the S.T.A.R.S. into the mansion and tried to kill them, but his plan backfired and he almost got killed being impaled by a Tyrant if he hadn't injected himself with the T-Virus. Over the years, he's been causing outbreaks until Umbrella had its business license suspended. But ever persistent, he went incognito inside the Hubble Space Satellite and has been monitoring the world, having his agents pick up viruses for him. He's the entire reason why this Worldwide Outbreak even happened, and why so many had to die because of one madman's goal to take over the world. He's also the anchor of deciding whether or not we'll have an outbreak-free world, or the death of planet Earth.

Sergei Vladimir- Sergei is truly another monster, and he shares some infection traits with Wesker. After being "killed" by Wesker nine years ago, his mutated form managed to find a new host for Sergei. Sergei has now changed in appearance, but his goal to restore Umbrella and kill Wesker has never changed. Being as a master of Combat, it is no surprise that he might actually prevail in the war.


Jack Krauser- Krauser is a guns-for-hire mercenary who also happens to have history with the two anchors. In 2001, he and Leon were pals during their Government training, until Krauser was reported "dead" in a helicopter crash. But in 2004, while Leon was on his mission, Krauser showed up, and they weren't too happy to see each other as Krauser started the little chat with a knife swing. Krauser was later "killed" by Leon. But Krauser, infected with the Las Plagas parasite, came back from the dead and discovered that Wesker had betrayed him. Now, he is determined to rid of Umbrella, help Anti-Umbrella win the battle, and restore his friendship with his former comrade.

HUNK-HUNK, Mr. Death, or Human Unit Never Killed, was one of Umbrella's guns-for-hire mercenary, and has proved to be an advantage in their work. He is like a robot, always wearing his signature gas mask and suit, and he is always to last one to survive during a mission. He follows this principle to his success: When on a mission, you must abort all other thoughts; nothing must exist in your mind except the goal. Following that principle is why I have never failed a mission. Like Krauser, he can cheat death and has taken his eyes away from Umbrella, now focusing on destroying the corporate zombies. No one has ever seen his face before, not once.


This contains the less detailed short version from the narrator's point of view, For the detailed side from a certain character's point of view, click on their name above and their role in the certain chapter.

End of the RoadEdit

"You seriously think a roadblock can stop me? Then think again, old man."

-Chris Redfield to Barry Burton

It began in New York City, when the United States, or what was left of its government, decided to roadblock the main bridge to the mainland. Doing so, they trapped the zombies, but also Chris Redfield and Barry Burton. Foolishly thinking that they would make it, it wasn't until the last moment that they saw the bridge being bombed. Angry but desperate for escape, the pair decided to find another way out, preferably a speedboat to get onto the mainland. While searching around the docks, they encountered the resurrected Sergei, trying to steal the last speedboat. It was a merciless fight, as Sergei was teamed up with a Nemesis, and each team thought that they would be the winners. It started when Barry shot a 44. magnum slug at the Nemesis's eye, bringing it to its knees. Unfortunately, Sergei whipped out a tentacle and smacked Chris back, almost making him fall into the cold and murky waters below. This quickly ended the opposing sides' encounters, but Sergei was determined to rid of the Ex-S.T.A.R.S. and, of course, Wesker, should they have an encounter. Sergei and his Nemesis bodyguard ran off into a Merchant Navy Vessel, the Iron Beast, and left Barry and Chris with the speedboat. The pair took it and managed to go all the way back to the mainland. The two had already met their first powerful enemy, who was a very persistent man, or monster, depending on how you look at it.

Valleys of DeathEdit

"And it only goes to show you that the weak never win. Or rather, the undead, never win."

-Leon S. Kennedy to three zombie corpses

While Chris and Barry were planning to go to the Californian shelter, they didn't know that California had been abandoned and that the zombies were fighting a one-man army, consisting of only their friend, Leon S. Kennedy from the Underworld Mission 11 years ago. Leon was doing well, shooting the zombies on sight with his Desert Eagle Magnum. When he was heading to the Big 5 Sporting Goods store to find a shotgun, he encountered his most hated enemy, Albert Wesker, who had the same idea in mind. Wesker, armed with only his wits and his inhumane strength, dodged Leon's blow in an attempt to knock him out of Leon's way. Leon only succeeded in swiping off Wesker's glasses, which revealed his gold-red cat's eyes, a "side effect" to his T-Virus Infection. Leon pushed past him, obviosly not threatened by Wesker, and found a Remington 870 Wingmaster 12-Gauge shotgun inside the store. Upon his exit, he found that Wesker was gone, and that three zombies had appeared, probably scaring Wesker off. Using his shotgun, Leon blasted the zombies out of the way. He found a note on one corpse that California was going to be bombed after the Government abandoned their evacuation plans. Leon was about to grab his car to get out when he heard the inhumane shuffling of a Tyrant. To Leon's surprise, several shotgun blasts to the exposed heart did the Tyrant well and the Tyrant fell down. Leon grabbed the car and drove like a bat out of hell over to Nevada to take a rest. He looked back one final time just in time to see California in flames.

Midnight AssassinEdit

"Sergei, my friend! You look...different. What happened? Did the Cerberuses get to you? Heh."

-Albert Wesker to Sergei Vladimir

Sergei had last heard that Wesker had fled to Arkansas after California, and went there immediately. From the surviving locals, he heard that Wesker had been making himself at home within an old warehouse. Midnight struck and Sergei wasted no time. He hurried to the warehouse and fell into a trap, where he found Wesker pointing a gun from behind. But Sergei was fast, and he managed to whip the gun with one of his tentacles and took the gun from Wesker. Just as he was about to kill Wesker, an arrow flew from a platform overhead and the gun clattered to the ground. Before any of the two could make a move, Jack Krauser leaped down and grabbed the gun, pointing it at Wesker while pointing his knife and Sergei. Krauser revealed that he wanted Umbrella dead because of Wesker's betrayal, and for another unknown reason. He shot Wesker two times before turning the gun on Sergei, but deciding that there was enough bloodshed. Wesker, however, was still infected with the T-Virus and got back up only a few hours later, when Sergei was gone. Now, Wesker had a new plan on his mind; Get rid of Krauser, he knew too much and he had obviously switched sides. Whether or not he'd complete that, there was more work before it was over.

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