Planet Reuben: Here lies the Roo stronghold.


Planet Reuben: Here lies the Roo stronghold.  The planet is green and blue in color.

Nearby Moon: The moon is green and it’s large murky green coloured from space. The moon holds aninter-dimensional portal or back door for the Roo, however it is cover with GELFs designed to keep intruders out.  The GELFs range in halcinagentic leeches, mind controlling spiders and a variety of other dangerous creatures.


The Roo are a race of rodents who White Wolf rescued from subjugation and slavery on the Planet Reuben.  As a result of which, with some interference from White Wolf and several million years evolution, became Atemporal, and rose to become something of an inter-dimensional empire.

 Atemporality - According to Einstein’s theories about how time slows down as you approach the speed of light, and not even matter traveling at the speed of light can escape a Black Hole.

 Atemporals inherited some of a black holes other characteristics, and because of that, they literally exist outside of time or without time, if you will. Because time in the universe is sort of like a physical dimension that you can assign a mathematical value to, you know - like height, width, depth, weight and all that. So in a sense, it's just one of a long string of values describing stuff; and in my case, I have a value which is unlike the human race and most of the inhabitants of this universe, in which I'm not affected by time in the same way by time and can therefore do things that temporals cannot.

Atemporals can remember things outside each separate time loop of the present one, or when time reverses or jumps forward or other stuff like that, They are aware of it happening. And have already experienced the full course of time from beginning to end, and then around into the 'next loop', for this universe several times already.
However they can't predict future events with any accuracy because things are always changing due to two main reasons; the first being the uncertainty principle, and the second, far more important one, being that for every binary event or decision, time and the multiverse sort of takes all of them into account and creates alternate realities as events go along.

Roo, slowly invented the required technology to travel to many of these realities; and while exploring them, we came to realize that in a sense, the different realities are simply another digit in that long string of mathematical values; kind of like a multiverses GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinates, describes each of these "realities" qualities and their overall placement in the scheme of events and stuff.  An old fashioned way of pinpointing your location; but no matter – the multiverse is infinite; or at least it is as far as any have been able to determine.

Roo Mission to save Jay

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