Name: Riftblade

Alligence: Autobots

Primary Function: Demolitions/ Combat Medic

Alt Mode: Pick up truck.

Weapons: Missile launcher- 8 shots, Explosive charges of all shapes and sizes and potencies (from fireceracker/noise maker to building wrecker)

Profile: One of the renegrade Decepticons that have followed Warhawk to earth, Riftblade serves as the groups demoltions expert. And she enjoys every minute of it. Rather cool and calculating for a decepticon, the only time she 'lightens up' is after shes blown something up or shes about to blow something up. Which happens more than you would expect. She can always find an excuse for an explosive solution to almost any problem. House cleaning-blow up the garbage, interior decorating- blow up the things you don’t want anymore, hostage situation - blow up the building and fish them from the wreckage. Indeed the others normally joke that the most dangerous sentence in the Cybertronian language is Riftblades found the armoury.

The only reason that she hasn’t blown herself up by now is because the others practically forced her at gun point to take medical training. They said it was for her own good, and had nothing at all to do with the fact she blew up the building they were recharging in, just to get a couple of rats. Or the time she dropped napalm down their shuttles exhast pipe, to save time cleaning it.

Abilities: Besides an almost perfect knowledge of anything to do with explosives, Riftblade is a skilled combat medic and is able to deal with the majority of common field injuries, although major life threatening ones are outside of her skill level.

Also while she isn't as physically tough as some mechs, she does have her own speacil defense mechanism. Underneath parts of her armour are speacil charges. When she is grabbed by an enemy or is in close proximity to one, she can choice to detonate them. While this doesn’t do much damage physically the noise and shock often allows her to get free long enough to escape.

Weaknesses: Explosions- Loud flashy explosions can often leave her in a giggling fit, which leaves her at risk in the middle of a battle.

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