Welcome to Role Play Wiki. This wiki tries to be a database for anything related to role-playing and a helpful resource for those who want to role-play, ranging from in-character information like species and character biographies, to out-of-character role-playing styles, communities and more.

Purpose of the wiki Edit

Role Play Wiki is meant to be a resource of information about role-playing: simming, online role-playing, role-playing games and other topics useful for role-playing. This definition includes in-character subjects such as

  • important characters and elements of established RPG's,
  • biographies of user-created characters,
  • species or races a character can be,
  • abilities and items a character can have,
  • and so on.

It also includes out-of-character subjects such as

Role Play Wiki strives to be an encyclopedia about the what and how, as well as the then and now of role-playing, with information and ways to information that is relevant to every role-player.

What Role Play Wiki is not Edit

Role Play Wiki is NOT

... a gaming or role-playing guidebook:

You are free to write guides in your user subspace (e.g. "User:Yatalu/How to create an in-depth character") or in your user blog, but there should be no "how to" or "tips and tricks"-pages in the content/main space. The content space could contain articles describing how things are usually done (how role-plays are founded, how characters are built), but they should remain objective to the extent possible.

... a database of minor lore elements of an established RPG:

Not every quest, character or special item of role-playing games should have a page on Role Play Wiki. Even though any obscure RPG can have its own article here about the game itself, most role-playing games have their own wikis and we should not aim to be the most elaborate source on what is their goal to write about.

... a place to create infinity RPCs:

Even though we highly support people to post character biographies on Role Play Wiki, it's not a place to store underdeveloped character pages you may never continue to work on. Our minimum requirements (format, page length) can however be easily met, and you can also use your user subspace (e.g. "User:Yatalu/John Smith") as scratchpad.

... a wiki to role-play on:

At this moment, there is no role-playing area on this wiki. Therefore, you should not create pages to role-play on, nor use user talk pages for this purpose. If you must role-play, please check out the wiki's affiliations and choose a wiki or website from there that can serve your purpose. A user however is still free to start a role-play within their user subspace, which makes them its game master. Admins will not have any jurisdiction here, and may only interfere in the case of general policy breach or on the request of the user.

Disclaimer Edit

Even though the community of Role Play Wiki does their best to provide complete, accurate and properly researched materials about role-playing, we cannot guarantee for validity of all information and at all times.