Welcome to Role Play Wiki's Chat! Being one of the highest areas of the Wiki's activity, there exists a few guidelines in order to make chat a fun place for everyone.

Chat Rules

Follow the Terms of Use

  • All users, regardless of position, are to follow the Terms of Use set out by Fandom staff. This includes slurs, [racial, gender, religious] which are prohibited within the chatroom and will result in a lengthy ban.

No NSFW roleplays or content

  • Roleplay is fun and an essential part of the chatroom, but please do not engage in roleplay that contains disturbing content. [blood and gore, sexual themes, etc.] The same rule applies for regular chatroom content.

No spamming or alting.

  • The chat aims to be fun and lenient, so some spam is allowed; but excessive spam is prohibited. Spam clogs up the chat, and can lag those on slower devices. In addition, please use one account in the chatroom.

No hate speech or taboo jokes.

  • Hate speech is prohibited. In addition, jokes about the above topics, or other taboos [rape, suicide, etc.] can be upsetting and are banned. As well as users hating each other and spreading rumors to cause drama in chat.

No linking of chats

  • This chat is not a place for you to leech off of. Occasional mentioning of your Wiki is fine, but linking chats, or constantly PMing chats to other users is banned.