Start a new header for a new task. Never remove the headers of old tasks, even when they have been completed. Do not change the order of tasks. Follow the rules listed below.

To post, use the following format (replace +1 by the appropriate increase/decrease of priority):

* +1, reason (optional) — ~~~~

Rules and guidelinesEdit

  • Both anonymous and registered users can raise and lower priority
  • To post, one needs a first edit of at least 5 days ago
  • To post, one needs at least 10 edits, at least 5 of which in content space
  • A task's priority can be increased with a maximum of +2
  • A task's priority can be decreased with a maximum of -1
  • If you change your vote at later time, remove your previous vote and add yourself again at the bottom

Reworking SimEnc pagesEdit

Making infoboxesEdit

Reducing stubs Edit

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