Name: RollDead

Alt. Mode: Giant rolling wheel, covered with spikes

Allegiance: Bounty Hunter, Partial Decepticon

Function: Brutal Offense

Weapons: Lasers mounted at sides in alt form, forearms in robot mode.

Strengths: Theres nothing fancy about his offense. He simply believes in crushing everything in his path & no frontal attack can stop him.

Weaknesses: Attack from the sides is an effective approach, but are protected by lasers, but provide limited defense. His defense lowers by 30% in his robot mode. Also his speed completely sepends on the type of land. He cannot move efficiently on marshy soil.


RollDead was an experiment of certain members of the Council, to create Super Soldiers that could sacrifice there lives by acting as headline offense. After constant failure , they finally managed to merge this Frankenstein like creation, with the spark of a Decepticon prisoner of War & managed to create Rolldead.

But role dead developed a will of his own as time passed & in an attempt to break out of the lab killed a number of soldiers as well as a council member. He then slowly realized his skills when he met Ultimate_Jazz who was on an expedition mission. U_J taught him to utilize his power & fueled him with rage against the Council & the Autobots.

He began to ct as a bounty hunter later on after fully developing his skills. Because offensive strikes didn’t have much of an effect on him, the Council contained him & transported him to the banished zone on one of Cybertron’s moons. Now called by U_J & offered a good price, Roll dead enlists himself with the Cons.

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