Function: Mir’s Companion and Angelic Knight’s Confusion.

AltMode: Golden-bladed katana with a grey hilt

Allegiance: loyal only to Mir; views Decepticons as his friends; views Autobots as pets belonging to Angelic Knight.

Weapons: twin katanas of unknown metal


Ronin is a unique individual, created from Angelic Knight’s fallen katana, which was retrieved by Mir after the battle between AK and Svaat (see Episode 007-Cold Tactics). The katana contained telepathic energy from AK’s Heaven’s Wrath. Mir contributed part of her own spark, which, when combined with AK’s telepathic energy, made Ronin a sentient being. Ronin is not-quite-Transfomer/Minicon, not-quite-Quintesson. His spark is a blend of Mir’s and Angelic Knight’s. His behavior, speech, and body language, while uniquely his own, will sometime exhibit traits that resemble theirs.

It has been discovered that Ronin is somehow telepathically linked to Angelic Knight, most likely due to his unique creation. Ronin will experience any strong emotions that AK is feeling at the time; this effect is strengthened by their proximity to each other. Furthermore, if AK is wounded in battle, Ronin feels this effect as well.

Although Ronin may act and think similar to a ‘child’, he is not a ‘child’; his spark is a combination of a very old Decepticon and a Quintesson assassin. He is what an ‘adult’ would be like if the adult grew up never having to hide behind a façade of self-protection; Ronin is completely open to everything around him.

Ronin views the ‘real world’ as being a dull reflection of what is inside his head. Colors and sounds are much more profound in his head. As Angelic Knight has discovered, Ronin is much more logical and coherent inside his own mind (see Ronin’s Adventures in the Evil Autobot Base!), but only another telepath would be able to meet Ronin in this environment. Ronin’s inside world is more real to him than the world outside.


Ronin is fanatically loyal to Mir and would attack any opponent threatening her. Many would describe him as “insane and/or psychotic”. He’s smart but can’t focus easily. Ronin doesn’t understand just how dangerous he really is. When provoked, his instincts take over, and he focuses completely on the attempted annihilation of his opponent. Ronin’s only fear is disappointing Mir. He adores Halifax as an older brother, and Hal in turn indulges Ronin and leaves the discipline to Mir.

Ronin is small enough to perch on Mir’s shoulder comfortably; he is the approximate height of a tall human. Ronin has a grey body with shiny gold wings. The wings form his altmode’s blade. Therefore, while in robot mode, his wings are razor sharp and can slice off careless fingers. Mir is the only one who can safely touch his wings, as her energy shield cannot be cut by them. Ronin can hover in the air, much like a hummingbird.

When in altmode, he can and has served as a close-range weapon for Mir. Mir had originally planned to use Ronin as a replacement blade for her machete; however, current events are causing Mir to have second thoughts regarding this plan of action.


Ronin’s telepathic ability to affect others is limited to line-of-sight and close physical proximity. His ability is erratic and requires high levels of concentration; distractions are very difficult for him to ignore. Mir is beginning to recognize that his abilties may be more profound than is apparent at first glance. Ronin’s abilities may be viewed as such: he is a completely open telepath. He feels everything. The overload of sensory input makes it impossible for him to react to others in what they feel is a rational manner. Ronin sees his actions as perfectly rational. The ‘inside’ Ronin with whom AK spoke is aware of the difference but is not able to change. Ronin can’t turn off his telepathic abilties. He’s created his world inside his head to deal with the sensory overload; hence, his belief that the outside world is less real than the inside.

He is emotionally unstable, with his moods swinging from childish to murderous; he still has not learned to keep a balance.

Ronin loves a bit of playful, mischievous chaos; he’ll cause trouble just to watch people react. This often lands him in hot water with Mir. Ronin’s curiosity is insatiable, and he is easily diverted. He tends to give individuals names that are derived from their physical presence or actions. If someone actually introduces him/herself to Ronin, he’ll call them by their real name. Ronin tells the absolute truth, as he sees it.

Ronin is lightweight and not well armored. Only a very fast and very accurate opponent (read 10) would be able to cause damage.

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