Rosalind Wills (also known as FSF Blackjack and STSF Kent) is a Star Trek simmer and the current commanding officer of the Star Trek: Andromeda sim in the Federation Sim Fleet. She has also served on a number of sims in the Star Trek Simulation Forum.

Biography Edit

Name: Rosalind Wills (STSF Kent/FSF Blackjack)
Date of Birth: June 5, 1989
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
Joined STSF: January 2008
Joined FSF: October, 2008
Hired in FSF: October, 2008
Hired in STSF: September, 2009

Background Edit

Born in New York City, New York, Wills also lived in two different cities in New Jersey and one in Maryland before moving to Chicago. Her first exposure to science fiction came in the form of a Star Wars picture book at her elementary school (your tax dollars at work), after which she had her first movie theater experience when she saw the remastered original trilogy. She was hooked on SF for keeps, moving on to Star Trek at the age of 10 and later Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, and Stargate. Next up on the list is Farscape and Babylon 5.

Outside of the simming world, she is currently an graduate student in web and interface design, and spends much of her free time reading, writing, and playing video games.

Simming History Edit

Wills began simming with the Star Trek Simulation Forum on January 5, 2008 and after graduating from their academy, joined the USS Arcadia as the half-Bajoran science officer Samantha Jarel Turis-Kent. At around the same time, she and a friend who would eventually become FSF Strider started an independent mirror-universe/time-travel sim called Star Trek: Executor, which lasted for three months and on which she played the executive officer, also named Samantha Kent, this time a disguised full-Bajoran formerly named Akorem Tara.

After the collapse of Executor, its two GMs began Star Trek: Andromeda, a future-era sim involving the exploration of the Andromeda galaxy, where she played two characters, the executive officer Commander Jenna Rosalind Wolfe, and the civilian scientific chief Dr. Nicholas Edison Swift. Andromeda operated for five months independently before being accepted into the Federation Sim Fleet as part of Alpha Fleet where she took the staff name FSF Blackjack. A month later she joined another FSF sim, the USS Stargazer (SFOL) as the El-Aurian doctor Kyra Gretin.

In April 2009 she began joining other STSF sims with her assignment as the USS Agincourt's half-Vulcan security chief, Christina-T'Prinn (C.T.) "Junior" Caine. Two months later, she joined the USS Manticore's medical department as a Romulan, Dr. Jaiysa ir-Apnex t'Tamarak, who had begun life as an SGV and joined the crew as a defector, and the USS Republic's security department as the human Jameson Gordon "Whiskey" Bardolph. In late spring and early summer 2009, she also participated in the aftermath of a crisis aboard the USS Reaent as an NPC counselor named Caroline Curtis, who received so much play that she was eventually fleshed out into a full character and joined that ship's medical department as a Lieutenant.

In September 2009, she became a member of STSF's GM team under the name STSF Kent, and took the executive officer position in the forum's Thursday Night Starfleet Academy training simulation, which she would go on to command beginning in January 2010.

In Fall/Winter 2009, she further expanded her character base, adding three more FSF characters -- in November, Alexis Durham, extra-terrestrial scientist for the guild game Torchwood: United Front and Dana Armstrong, AMO aboard the relaunched USS Akira, and in December, Ellen Fox, Chief Engineer of the relaunched USS Firewall (Fox would later serve as CO for a short-lived attempt at a message-board game, SS Paladin, centered around the Maquis; when Paladin collapsed, the character became a second-char AENG on Arcadia). She also added two more STSF characters, Kelton i-Dartha tr'Radaik, a Romulan doctor aboard the RES Talon, and Jennifer Spader, Assistant Security Officer aboard Sky Harbor Aegis.

In April 2010, Strider resigned from Andromeda and she took over the GM1 position on that game, with first FSF Borealis and then FSF Margo as her second-in-command. The same month, she also began running FSF's Starfleet Academy simulation on Sunday nights with FSF Margo.

In June 2010, she became Arcadia's executive officer, aging Samantha Kent via a temporal distortion and moving her to the rank of Commander. The next month, she added a Human/Denobulan SCI officer, Skyler Akade, to the crew of the USS Comanche Creek on STSF. She did not add any more characters until February 2011, when she replaced Ambassador Drankum as CO of Aegis under the character Daniel Brandon Cooper.

As of late 2011/early 2012, she has had to resign a number of characters (and a number of hosting positions) due to grad school scheduling commitments but maintains an active presence in both communities.

Assignments Edit

Administrative Roles Edit

Current Edit

Alpha Fleet
GM1 and Commanding Officer, Star Trek: Andromeda

Role Playing Roles Edit

Current Edit

Star Trek: Andromeda (FSF)
Captain Jenna Rosalind "Blackjack" Wolfe, Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Nicholas Edison Swift, ScD., Assistant Science Officer

USS Stargazer (SFOL) (FSF)
Lieutenant (Dr.) Kyra Gretin, Assistant Medical Officer

USS Republic (STSF)
Lieutenant Commander Jameson Gordon "Whiskey" Bardolph, Assistant Security Officer

USS Reaent ( STSF)
Lieutenant Caroline Jaqueline Curtis, Ship's Counselor

Torchwood: United Front (FSF)
Sergeant Alexis Lauren Durham, Extraterrestrial Science

USS Akira (FSF)
Lieutenant Dana Robinson Armstrong, Assistant Medical Officer

Stargate: SG-10 (FSF)
Civ. (GS-14) Philip Martin Lawrence, Computer and Tech Specialist

Star Trek: Project Origin (FSF)
Ensign Samantha Jarel Turis-Kent, Assistant Science Officer

Recurring Non-Player Characters Controlled (Running List) Edit

Federation Sim Fleet Star Trek Simulation Forum
Councilor Andi'Mroz (STA) Cargo Chief CPO Rosalind Wills (Sky Harbor Aegis)
Sky Marshall Ratec'Midic (STA) Ensign James Farragut (USS Agincourt)
Dr. Rachel Christina Swift (STA) Crewman David Decatur (USS Agincourt)
Terrynt (STA) Lieutenant Tyla Mattingly (USS Agincourt)
Ambassador Tashi'Ratec (STA) Crewman Jacob Spencer (USS Agincourt)
Commander Samantha Jarel Kent-Riley (STA) Casey "Magnet" Bardolph (USS Republic)
Gilani Narak (USS USS Akira) Koval, Aryal, and Dhael tr'Radaik (RES Talon)
Markus'Etor (STA)
Dr. Daniel Torrance (USS Stargazer (SFOL))
Admiral Jeremy Talbot (STA)

Inactive Edit

Star Trek: Executor (independent group)
Commander Samantha Jennifer Kent (Akorem Tara), Executive Officer

USS Arcadia (STSF)
Commander Samantha Jarel Turis-Kent, Executive Officer
Ensign Ellen Taylor Fox, Assistant Engineer

USS Agincourt (STSF)
Lieutenant (S.G.) Christina-T'Prinn "Junior" Caine, Chief Security Officer

USS Manticore (STSF)
Lieutenant Jaiysa ir-Apnex t'Tamarak, Assistant Medical Officer

USS Talon ( STSF)
Erein (Ensign) Kelton i-Dartha tr'Radaik, Hiifvehi'Saehne (AMO)

Sky Harbor Aegis ( STSF)
Captain Daniel Brandon Cooper, Commanding Officer
Lieutenant (J.G.) Jennifer Karen Spader, Assistant Security Officer

USS Comanche Creek ( STSF)
Ensign Skyler Dumia Akade, Assistant Science Officer

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