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Ryu Kadavra's alt. mode

Name: Ryu Kadavra Primary function: Recon/rescue Alt modes:

Weapons: 2x Indestructible claws(usable in Battle mode only) Nova Saber(forged from 3 mini-cons; Heatstroke, Magness, Eclipse) Superheated Plasma Cannon(Usable in battle mode only)

Accessories: Grappling hook(In tow mode or battle mode) Various surveillance equipment

Profile: Ryu is a strong willed and loyal Autobot, he was placed on energon Recon duty and sent to a distant star with his crew to gather what resources he could. Extended time near the star and on its orbiting planets has caused Ryu's armor to be heated and fused with the solar energy. His body has become so used to the solar radiation that it can't function properly without it. After several thousand solar cycles Ryu and his team set first foot on the stars molten superheated surface. They could feel the raw and untamed power of the star beneath their feet as solar flares and other storms raged. Taking samples of the radiation and reading from the surface Ryu learned that where they were was the worst place at the worst possible time. Yelling to his team they boarded their ship and fled the star just as it went supernova. The solar radiation from the explosion rocketed in every direction quickly swallowing Ryu's ship and his crew. The excessive exposure to the solar radiation mutated Ryu and his crew as it shut them down. Now drifting in stasis lock Ryu and his crew drift aimlessly into the cold dark void that is space...

Visual profile: Ryu is a medium sized Cybertronian. His build is tough but flexible. He is covered in a Onyx paint with strong hits of red and Blue. The darker colors of his paint allow for greater and faster absorption of solar radiation allowing him to recover quickly and get back in the fight as needed. His Smokestacks always shine with a bright White red from the heat of the energon running in his systems. Vents all over his form will poor out superheated steam to cool off his form so as to prevent over heating. When in battle mode Ryu gets the use of his powerful claws capable of crushing solid diamonds into dust. Ryu also gains the use of his super heated plasma cannon capable if releasing a beam of indefinite length at temperatures to exceed 9,000 K. The beam if not focused and controlled will continue in a single direction indefinitely cutting through anything and everything until it's power source runs out. This weapon is very long range and can blast an opponent from behind Ryu by traveling around the planet using the gravitational pull to keep the beam on course. though any object that comes in contact or gets between Ryu and his target will suffer damage. Ryu needs to keep careful watch on the use of his cannon as theoretically he could cut a large chunk of a planetary object off into space if not slice the planet completely in half.

Abilities: With his armor forged from the energy of a dying star Ryu can take what most mechs would find as unbearable punishment. His form isn't super fast in vehicle mode but it can still keep up with the moderately fast Units. When in basic robot mode Ryu moves with the grace of a tiger. He wields a blade forged from 3 of his crew members. Often he will be seen training with this blade in his spare time mastering his craft. Few on Cybertron can handle a blade as he can, and nobody but Ryu can use the Nova Blade to its fullest potential. He is able to traverse any environment and gather intel on the flora and fauna as well as enemy outposts. Ryu can harness the power of the stars to

Weaknesses: Ryu is quite literally solar powered. Even though his systems still require energon to function like normal Cybertronians, Ryu needs regular intakes of the solar radiation that emits from stars to allow his energon to flow threw his systems and power core. Prolonged separation from this life giving force will slowly drain Ryu's energon supply causing what energon he has to work even harder to keep his systems running. This in turn drains his energon reserves even faster causing them to work even harder.

Special ability: (Energon star) Ryu Kadavra carries with him an energon star. By focusing the energy from this star he is able to create impenetrable energon force fields, Energon pulse waves to damage enemies, repair his own armor, or increase one of his stats x5.

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