Set a few years after Star Trek: Nemesis the Star Fleet Marine Corps has begun to grow larger by the year. After the Dominion war and increasing hostilities in the galaxy, along with the ever present Borg threat, the decision was made that a standing military force must be maintained at all times. The SFMC: Angels of Death simulation is based on the planet of Turkana IV. After decades of outcry by neighboring federation planets and members of the Coalition and Alliance forces asking for assistance, each against the other, the federation has decided to reassert it's claim on the planet.

Marine Camp J. Hayes (Named for Major J. Hayes, MACO on Enterprise who died in the line of duty) has been established to provide assistance to the population in reestablishing civilization above ground. Federation Medical and Science departments have finished the terraforming process making the surface livable again and a new colony is to be established. Both a peace keeping and occupational force the men and women of Camp Hayes, 1st Battalion and support forces, are tasked with overseeing the revitalization of a planet's main population while providing Force Recon support to any and all Starfleet vessels in need.


SFMC: Angels of Death website

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