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The SS Nigala is a United Space Federation sim. The sim takes place every Wednesday at 11:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Crew Edit

Current Commanding Officer: Tom Trekker
Current Executive Officer: Jean-Luc Picard, Jr.
Former Commanding Officers:
Former Executive Officers:

Information to come.

Fictional History Edit

The Nigala is a Federation outpost on the edge of the galaxy in far side of the Beta Quadrant - experiencing "the mystery and adventure from uncharted worlds." The USS Trieste and USS Nosferatu are assigned to the SS Niagala.

Technical Specifications Edit

SS NigalEdit

Location: System J-23, outer edge of the Beta Quadrant
Diameter: 1,019.64 m
Height: 1,712 m; 60 decks
Mass: 764,000,000 tons
Personnel Complement: 1,021 crew, 1,821 civilians

total output 890,000 TeraWatts
50 x Type XII phaser arrays (class phaser used on Sovereign-Class Vessels)
30 x type XIII multi directional Pulse Phaser Arrays (much larger then the ones on the Defiant)
15 x Type 4 multi directional Quantum Torpedo Launchers
07 x type 6 Launchers (I.E. -special type of torpedoes)
Total 40,000 torpedoes

Defensive Systems:
High capacity mutliphasic/regenerating shield system, total capacity 796,500,000 TeraJoules
Advanced Duranium/Tritanium double hull
Low level Structural Integrity field
Power Plant: 1 Type XIII Power Plant, 9 Chamber Fusion Reactor (352,810.94 TeraWatts per chamber)

Overall Power Output:
3,175,298.52 TeraWatts (Battle Alert)
1, 988,312.04 TeraWatts (normal Conditions)

Strength Indices:
Beam Firepower : 78,000
Torpedo Firepower : 38,400
Weapon Range and Accuracy : 1,070
Shield Strength : 95,000
Hull Armor : 25
Speed : N/A
Combat Maneuverability : N/A
Overall Strength Index: 137,410

942,060.8 kiloquads of storage
4,600 kiloquads per second Access speed
1.75 Trillion Processes at once

Refit Cycle:
Hull Life: 180 years
Minor : 5 years
Standard : 15 years
Major : 45 years

USS Trieste
USS Nosferatu

Deck-by-Deck LayoutEdit

Deck 01: Observation Lounge/War room (Holographic Display Table, Tactical data interface) Main Communication Array
Deck 02: Main OPS Center, CO's Ready room, XO's Office, Operation, Security Tactical, Engineering, Science stations, XO, CO and Intel Console
Deck 03: Diplomatic Conference Suite; Conference Rooms Large, Secure Communications/Consultation Rooms
Deck 04: Upper Station Computer Processor, Tactical Sensor Array, Tactical Office/conference rooms
Deck 05: Sensor Control (upper Half of station Inter/ext), life pods, Shield Generator Upper Half
Deck 06: intelligence Office, Transporter Room 1, Engineering Locker, Weapons locker
Deck 07: Diplomatic Mess Hall, Ambassador Ready Room, AUX. Sickbay
Deck 08: Diplomat/VIP Quarters, Aides Quarters, Diplomat/VIP Security Station, Diplomat/VIP Holosuits, Diplomat/VIP Transporter Room 2
Deck 09: Senior Officers Quarters, Holodecks 1 & 2, Phaser Range, Life Pods
Deck 10: Transporter Room 3, Science Office/Conference room, Research Labs 1 - 5, aux. access Multi phasic Sensors
Deck 11: Married Crew Quarters, Life pods
Deck 12: Married Crew Quarters, Life pods
Deck 13: Married Crew Quarters, Civilian Quarters, Life pods
Deck 14: Married Crew Quarters, Civilian Quarters, Life pods
Deck 15: Married Crew Quarters, Civilian Quarters, Life pods
Deck 16: Married Crew Quarters, Civilian Quarters, Life pods
Deck 17: Civilian Quarters, life Pods
Deck 18: Civilian Quarters, life Pods
Deck 19: Civilian Quarters, life Pods
Deck 20: Civilian Quarters, life Pods
Deck 21: Civilian Quarters, life Pods
Deck 22: Promenade upper level 3, Holodecks, gymnasium, (recreation Floor)
Deck 23: Promenade upper level 2, Intergalactic Faith deck, (i.e. temples), Department of mental heath, Counselors Office
Deck 24: Promenade upper level 1, JAG Office/Courtroom, life pods, Main Security Office, CSEC Office and Conference room, Primary Brig
Deck 25: Main Promenade, Main Sickbay, CMO Office, Conference room
Deck 26: Docking Ring; 8 ports, Cargo Bays 1 - 5, Transporter rooms 4 - 6, Shield Generator Middle
Deck 27: Single Crew Quarters, Single Civilian Quarters, Life Pods
Deck 28: Single Crew Quarters, Single Civilian Quarters, Life Pods
Deck 29: Single Crew Quarters, Single Civilian Quarters, Life Pods
Deck 30: Single Crew Quarters, Single Civilian Quarters, Life Pods
Deck 31: Research Labs 6 - 10, Medical Storage Area, Transporter Room 7 and 8
Deck 32: Brig (21 cells), Main Armory, Evidence Lockers, Security Station, aux. Sickbay, Transporter Room 9, life pods
Deck 33: Environmental controls, Sensor Control (Lower Half of station Inter/ext)
Deck 34: AUX. OPS center, (I.E. Battle Bridge), Life Pods
Deck 35: Upper Computer Core (no TL Access)
Deck 36: Main Computer Core (TL Access only)
Deck 37: Lower Computer Core (no TL Access)
Deck 38: Phaser Array Control Rooms, Torpedo Control room
Deck 39: Torpedo Bay, Probes
Deck 40: Master Shield Grid control, Shield Generator Lower, Deflector Control
Deck 41: Flight operations Control room (this is the upper half of the second body), Observation of Flight area, Pilot Briefing room
Deck 42: Shuttle Bay 1 - 4, Fighter bays 5 - 8 (Arrow Flier/Horizen Shuttle Craft Storage Area)
Deck 43: Maintenance Hanger for shuttle and Fighters, Supply Room, Fuel Supply Room
Deck 44: Worker Bee hanger, Engineering Spare Parts
Deck 45: Single Crew Quarters (Engineering/Pilots), Life Pods
Deck 46: Single Crew Quarters (Engineering/Pilots), Life Pods
Deck 47: Aux. Engineering (in case of emergency)
Deck 48: Power plant Ejection Control rooms
Deck 49: Waste Management control
Deck 50: Upper Engineering Level 4
Deck 51: Upper Engineering Level 3
Deck 52: Upper Engineering Level 2
Deck 53: Upper Engineering Level 1
Deck 54: Maine Engineering CEO's Officer, engineering Conference room, Master Control Power Plants
Deck 55: Engineering Sub level 1
Deck 56: Engineering Sub level 2
Deck 57: Engineering Sub level 3
Deck 58: Engineering Sub level 4
Deck 59: Engineering Sub level 5
Deck 60: Multidirectional Pulse Phaser Turret Cannons, with Torpedo launch capability

USS TriesteEdit

Starfleet Registry: NCC-37214-A
Class: Ambassador (modified)
Catagory: Heavy Cruiser
Original Launch Year: 2370
Construction Start (Refit): 2375
Completion/Shakedown: 2376
Launch: 48380.5 (2376)


Length: 525 meters
Beam: 133 meters
Height: 361 meters
Weight: 397, 625 metric tons
Possible Complement: 900
Average Complement: 100

Computer Type: M-12-B Duotronics
Bio/Neural Gel Pack Network
Crew Interface Software - LCARS 2.5
Data Transfer Rate - 6200 kiloquads/second
Number of Dedicated Modules - 125
Storage Capacity/Module - 50,500 kiloquads

Transporters: 8 Standard, 8 Cargo, 4 Emergency
Number of Decks: 40
Personnel Complement: crew 500, passengers 100 std
Shuttlecraft: 10 std, 5 main, 10 max cap (25)

Communications Network:
Intraship Transmissions: Voice & Data
Personal Communicator Range: 800km
Ship to Ground Range: 42,000 - 100,000km
Communications Speed: 18.5 kiloquads/second
Subspace Speed: 9.9997 warp

Science and Remote Sensing Systems:
Long Range:
High Resolution: Max Effective Range - 7 ly
Med-Low Resolution: Max Effective Range - 21 ly

Impulse Drive: FIF-4 (.86c)
Warp Engine Type: LF-45 Slightly Modified
Maximum Safe Cruising Speed: warp 7.0
Emergency Speed: warp 9.89999

Weapons Data:
23 Federation Type XI Phaser Arrays
18 Dual Photon Torpedo Launchers: Mk 95 DF (x2/D)

Deflector Shield:
FSQ Multiadaptive Shielding System (MSS), this system is similar to that of the Nigalan stations defensive shielding.

USS NosferatuEdit

Starfleet Registration: NCC-81130
Starfleet Class: Defiant (modified)
United Federation of Planets
Starfleet Command


Length: 119 meters
Beam: 90 meters
Height: 25 meters
Weight: 110,833 mt

Computer Type: Twin-core, possessing 672 banks and able to store up to 246.87 megaquads. Typical missions involve only 45% of processing and storage capacity. The Nosferatu can operate on a single core if necessary.
Transporters: One primary and one backup.

Personnel Complement:
Crew - 40, Passengers - 0, max cap - 60

Shuttlecraft: 2 size worth
Impulse Drive: FIG-2 (.9c)
Engine Type: LF-35
Maximum Safe Cruising Speed: Warp 6.0
Emergency Speed: Warp 9.982

Tactical Data:
Ablative shielding
Four Type XII pulse phaser cannons
Two quantum torpedo launchers
One "last resort" antimatter warhead (use of which involves sacrificing part of the ship including the ship's main sensor and navigational array, main deflector and airlock module)

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