Arphazad Lo'Ami was the fifth graduate from the Star Trek Simulation Forum academy, and the second graduate of the group's own academy to become one of its gamemasters (The first was STSF_Precip).

In late 2002, he introduced his joined half-Trill, half-human character in his first assignment as an ensign was to USS Arcadia. He rose through the ranks of that ship's science department, becoming department chief in 2003. He became a gamemaster in 2004, and executive officer of Arcadia in 2006 following the departure of Captain Moose. Following the departure of Captain Dacotah, he assumed command of Arcadia in late 2007.

While the name has never been associated with other characters, Lo'Ami's player has played other characters on other STSF ships.

The character name was derived from two Biblical names chosen because they are not commonly recognized. Arphazad, from Genesis 10:22; Lo'Ami, from Hosea 1:9.

Hosting AssignmentsEdit

  • Executive Officer, STSF Monday Night Academy, 2004-Present
  • Executive Officer, USS Arcadia, 2006-2007
  • Commanding Officer, USS Arcadia, 2007-Present

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