Destorie N'Dak graduated from the Star Trek Simulation Forum academy in the summer of 2003, and was the third graduate of the group's own academy to become one of its gamemasters (The first was STSF_Precip and the second was STSF_LoAmi).

His first assignment was aboard the RES Talon simulation as an assistant security officer where he continues to sim. In March 2005, N'Dak became a GM and began hosting the Thursday night game with STSF_Lebowski. May of that year saw him take over at Executive Officer of the USS Excalibur simulation under the alias of Captain Ah-Windu Corizon. By 2006 he was hosting the UES Challenger simulation, first as Executive Officer, then as Commanding Officer under the name of Captain Neptune Rex. In 2007, he resigned his position as Commanding officer of the Challenger to take the position as Executive Officer of the RES Talon.

N'Dak's player has been associated with a number of characters, having simmed on all but one of STSF's ships (USS Manticore.)

Hosting AssignmentsEdit


  • Executive Officer, STSF Thursday Night Academy



  • Commanding Officer, STSF Thursday Night Academy
  • Executive Officer, UES Challenger


  • Commanding Officer, STSF Sunday Night Academy
  • Commanding Officer, UES Challenger


  • Executive Office, RES Talon

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