Graduating from the Star Trek Simulation Forum Academy in May 2003, Hans Seiben is the fourth Academy graduate and the first non-American member to attain the role of game master in the organisation, after STSF Precip, STSF LoAmi and STSF NDak. After his graduation, Seiben applied to and was assigned to the USS Republic, USS Hood and USS Arcadia where he continues to serve to this day.

Two years later, in September 2005, he successfully became a game master and immediately began co-hosting the 9PM Tuesday Academy with STSF Jami, and a few months later, would begin co-hosting the 9PM Sunday Academy with STSF NDak. In September 2006, Seiben was assigned to the role of Executive Officer of the UES Challenger, later taking on the role of Commanding Officer of the same ship in late April 2007.

Over the years, Seiben's player has been associated with a large number of characters and has served in some capacity on every sim in the STSF, with the exception of the USS Manticore. (Either as a regular player, guest charcter or joint plots).

Hosting AssignmentsEdit

2005 - 2007Edit

Commanding Officer - Tuesday 9PM Academy

2006 - 2007Edit

Executive Officer - Sunday 9PM Academy

2006 - 2007Edit

Executive Officer - UES Challenger

2007 - CurrentEdit

Commanding Officer - UES Challenger

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