Captain Sam Bibb is an active Star Trek simmer community leader, whose career has largely been spent in Star-Fleet. Sam is Personnel Director of Star-Fleet since Early 2014, in the Dedul administration and currently the Archer administration. In addition to this he is the rank Commanding Officer of the USS Asimov in the Foremost Fleet.

Since 2009, he has served the club in a variety of whole club roles at Cabinet Level as:

  • Academy Commandant
  • Fleet Commander, Fleet 1 (The Foremost Fleet)
  • Fleet Commander, Fleet 4 (The Forceful Fleet)

and Governmental level as:

  • Assistant Engineering Director
  • Assistant Personnel Director
  • Assistant Fleet Commander, Fleet 1
  • Assistant Fleet Commander, Fleet 4
  • Academy Fleet Liaison Officer (AFLO)
  • Engineering Department Dockmaster
  • Marketing and Advertising Co-Ordinator
  • Assistant Marketing and Advertising Co-Ordinator
  • Social Media Co-Ordinator

Outside of STF, Sam was the Founder and Inaugural Division Head of MFISim and briefly served with UFOP:StarBase 118.

Simming careerEdit

Early careerEdit

Sam's first forays into the Simming world came shortly after joining his first Star Trek fan club, the Maquis Forces International in 2006. Around the same time, he joined STF signing up as a Cadet in the club's 'Academy Training Program'.


Taking an interlude from STF, he signed up to a simming group operating within the Maquis Forces International on a yahoo mailing list. Becoming more involved with this group, he developed the group into an outreach division of the Maquis Forces International. The division still operates today and is known as MFISim. Sam is no longer active within MFISim although he maintains his membership with the Maquis Forces International, holds the club rank of Captain.


Returning to STF in late 2007, ahead of the impending move to WeBBSpace, Sam sought to get to know the system and with a better understanding of roleplaying to become an active member of the club. After learning the ropes of the system, Sam settled in as a simmer in STF. Following the move to WeBBSpace (a new purpose-built operating system for the club) Sam settled into STF far better, finding the new system much easier to use.

Within STF, he holds the club rank of Captain - a rank held from 2008 - 2011, when he was reduced to Ensign as part of an agreement with President David Wonderly and again from June 2013. He served in the club's cabinet as a Fleet Commander, overseeing the administration of five ships assigned to that Fleet for two terms between 2009 and 2010. He also engaged with the club's Engineering Department as Assistant Engineering Director. Sam would best describe himself during that period as an avid simmer.

Throughout his time in STF, he has considered himself to be close to a ship in Fleet 1, the USS Ark Angel - once the flagship of veteran simmer Admiral Greg Hertzsch where he was CNS, XO, aCO and FComm.

These days, within STF he works on the new member side of the club. In January 2013, he joined the club's Academy Team as 'Academy Fleet Liason Officer' officially, or more simply as an Administrator. Shortly thereafter, he joined the USS Discovery, one of the club's three Cadet training RPGs as XO. Desiring to develop his interests in mentoring new members further, he joined the club's Personnel Department (member serves) team as Internal Co-Ordinator, a post which involves principally providing services to existing members but which has also given Sam the opportunity to weigh in on discussions relating to mentoring.

On 10th June 2013, Sam was restored in rank to Captain and assigned as Commanding Officer of the USS Discovery in the club's Academy, an advancement which reflects the shift in direction of his 'Simming career'. From June 2013, he is also playing a Junior Officer character in the club and has thoughts of rejoining Starbase118 and/or other RPGs at some point in the near future.