Name: Scrapheap

Faction: Junkion

Primary function: Mechanic

Rank: N/A

Alt Mode: junkheap hovercraft


1x Trident 1x Net 1x Custom Magnum .44 Special Ability: Change alt modes

"Act now while supplies last!"

Bio: Not much is known about Scrapheap at this time, other than he prefers to spend his days sitting in front of the TV watching Judge Judy and the Muppet Show, among hundreds upon thousands of other famous and not-so-famous Earth television programs. Unfortunately, the Decepticons recently interrupted one of his favorite shows, Hiwaga sa Bahay na Bato (like most, he has no idea what they're saying, but he loves their dramatic antics). Enraged by this unspeakable act, Scrapheap has resolved to come down to Earth himself and teach them the consequences of interrupting his scheduled programming.

Scrapheap is not much of a fighter, but he can fix anything -- including himself -- on the spot, with little to no tools, and with unbelievable precision speed. When he does find himself engaged in combat, his near inability to go down and stay down nearly makes up for his lack of skill as a warrior, usually resulting in him annoying the scrap out of his opponents. And though he can't hit the broadside of a beryllium barn, anything he does manage to hit will be blown to next Tuesday by his one-of-a-kind custom-made Magnum .44, inspired by his passion for Clint Eastwood movies.

As a master mechanic and junk collector, Scrapheap can recover from all kinds of damage, including all but the most extreme cases of dismemberment (though if he loses his head, it may take a few moments of blindly stumbling around to find and reattach it), as long as there are adequate materials around to rebuild with. He LOVES fixing and customizing random things almost as much as he loves television, and will excitedly race across the battlefield to repair fallen friend and foe alike -- though he may "collect" a spare piece or two for his own constantly growing collection. It's not unusual for Scrapheap to ignore a battle raging around him while he wanders the battlefield picking up random items and adding them to his subspace pouch.

Scrapheap is also unusually friendly. He is not much interested in the Autobot/Decepticon war, and will quickly befriend anyone who doesn't threaten him. After all, they may have junk to donate, and Decepticons especially have very nice junk.

Lastly, his intelligence level is highly debatable. He is somehow both extremely observant and extremely oblivious at the same time -- while he may have no idea why an outraged Decepticon is suddenly charging him, he'll be able to recite right off of memory days later what happened to each and every single battlefield participant with photographic memory. This proves rather handy when remembering the components and assembly of rare machines.

Special Ability: Scrapheap's love and talent for customization allows him to reconfigure his alt mode on the fly as long as he can find materials to work with (which is pretty much anything not nailed down). Though his favorite alt mode is a lemon of a flatbed hovercraft (after all, he can haul away much more junk this way), Scrapheap can, for example, reconfigure himself into a speedster or jet mode during battle within minutes.

Of course, this does not necessarily mean he's skilled with other alt modes...

Weaknesses: (1) Teen drama and after school specials. (2) Basically the only one safe from his weapons fire is the actual target. (3) If an opponent somehow manages to isolate Scrapheap in a large, barren area without any materials to procure, the Junkion will be unable to repair himself. (4) Scrapheap cannot repair a mech with an extinguished spark. Rebuilding corpses kind of freaks him out. (5) He's extremely gullible. After all, his entire education has come from television. (6) While his precision with building and repair is unmatched, with everything else he's extremely clumsy. He would trip over his own shoelaces if he had them (and he may one day wind up with some).

Physical Appearance: Like all Junkions, Scrapheap's colors include red, orange, and brown. He wears the Junkion trademark Genghis Kahn-like spikes on his shoulders and sports a thin, long brown mustache and stubby goatee over his light grey face. He sports fashionable red optics.

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