Sentinel Magnus

Function: Iron warrior scientist, tactical aid and transport.

Vehicle mode: combat assault shuttle transport craft

Bio: One of the most highly decorated autobots following the wars. He declined the offer of becoming supreme commander for reasons unknown and always seeming to help the then [AKA Rookie] Commander Storm hawk. Why he took this course of action only he knows. while he is a skilled combatant at any range and possesses an intimate knowledge of military tactics he prefers to remain outside direct combat. He does this becuase he prefers the logistics part of a battle to actually taking part. He will defend himself if attacked though. His armour is thinner than normal for mechs of his size but that is to allow him to move faster than he should be able to.

Weapons/abilities. Standard alt mode weapons and inegrated devices Enhanced communications suite:- A complex set of scanners, transcievers and encrypters that allow sentinel magnus to control a military operation with delecate precision.

8 X ion cannon turrets :- standard weapon that created localised low energy EMP pulse on whatever it impacts. These need to be operated by his passengers as per the design of his

2 X dual barreled pulse lasers : - Rapid fire weapons that rely on there fast repeating attack to cause damage.

It is known that Sentinel magnus can reach speeds of 100,000KM/h and has light jump capabilities. He can carry a full compliment of autobot passengers {~30 normal sized mechs} and still reach this speed.

Robot mode.

SM can utlize his pulse lasers {which are on his shoulders like those on G1 scorponok} in addition to the following:

Combat halbeard: A blade of energon forms the primary attack of this weapon.

Weaknesses: Has to be in vehicle mode to utilize his extensive communications systems to there full extent.

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