Sero is a long time Star Trek simmer. During her career she served in a number of groups and helped found both the Capricorn Group and Task Force 92.


A self described hobbit born and raised in Middle-Earth, New Zealand, sero began simming in 1999 when, utterly bored one day at work, she stumbled upon the Phoenix Defense Force. She remained trapped in simming for a dozen years before retiring. Now sero writes ebooks under the pen name Erica Conroy and unfortunately returned to simming in late 2012.  She has since seen the error of her ways and no longer sims, only sits in simming chatrooms annoying and sometimes helping others.

Sero loves reading, writing, cake, living on the beach and her poor darling significant other who has supported her simming, writinga nd cake addictions.

Simming HistoryEdit

Sims CommandedEdit

Fleets/Groups MembershipEdit

Major AwardsEdit

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