Seymour Niples is a role-playing character in the sim Blue Dwarf. He's a pompous, arrogant Englishman who wears nice suits and is in a wheelchair. He's the only regular character who has been in the role-play since the very beginning. He's a human male in his forties. He's the main character of David Ball.

Physical appearance Edit

Seymour always likes to dress better than everyone else, often wearing a sharp suit. Last year he lost both of his legs in an explosion so is currently in a wheelchair.

Personality Edit

Seymour is a pompous arrogant ass who loves himself a little bit too much. He loves to hear his own voice, and thinks himself a perfect public speaker and gentleman. He'll very rarely admit he's wrong about anything.

Seymour is interested in fine wine, antiques and other ostentatious things. In times of crisis however, Seymour will scream like a girl and run away.

Biography Edit

In 2101, the insane Captain Cannon blew himself up to destroy some GELF's that killed his family, and Seymour took command of the Blue Dwarf. Now hobnobbing with the Captains and Admirals of Space Core, this added enormously to Seymour's ego.

In 2102, Seymour temporarily became King of England when young Queen Brittany ran away to the planet of New Ibiza. Bringing her back, Seymour gained the new job of being Ambassador to the Queen, making sure the she was always informed of what is happening on the Blue Dwarf.

In 2104 Seymour realised that nobody onboard liked him, so underwent a personality transplant to make him 'cooler' and more 'with it'. Unfortunately being ‘cool’ and ‘with it’ meant he had to talk to the lower crewmembers and people he really didn’t care about. His brain rebelled in 2105 and Seymour returned to his pompous and arrogant ways.

In 2106 Seymour had an affair with crewmember Jenny Bond who fell pregnant and had a baby girl which they named Alota, after the recently killed Captain Alota. Soon after, it was revealed that Jenny was an alien from a parallel dimension and soon returned, leaving Seymour with the baby who started to grow a fluffy rabbits tail and develop the ability to create small wormholes with her fingers. In 2011, Amber trapped herself on the Red Dwarf and Seymour hasn't seen her since.

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