Name: Shadow Fox

Allegiance: Decepticon/Roge Autobot

Primary function: Survivalist/Tracker

Alt mode: Stealth Hummer

Weapons: Collapsible Longbow(Energon arrows x30), Collapsible energon bowstaff(Can split to form 2 smaller staffs with an energon blade hidden in each hilt), 2x laser guided scope pistols(90+ rounds each).

Accessories: Multiscope binoculars(Nightvision/Heatvision/energon vision/infra-red and ultraviolet scanes), Sound damping stealth device, 12 clips for each pistol.

Alt mode Discription: Shadow fox's alt mode is painted black and nightsky blue with a silver Fox decal on both sides of his form. On his hood is the head of a fox with his mouth gaping open with his old Autobot symbol being swallowed. Also on his hood are his two pistols, one on each side. His new Decepticon symbol can be found on all four tires as well as on the side of each door, and his chest plate in robot mode. Shadow fox has all terrain tires, and I mean all terrain. Shadow fox's tires can travel over any obstacle in his way. Be it a rough trek up a new path or going vertical and upside-down on an ice cliff by extending griping spikes from his tires. Even water doesn't stop him as his tires can shift into a hover style allowing him to ride effortlessly over any body of water. Shadowfox's alt mode can completely disappear in any light as long as he doesn't move.

Weapons Discription: ShadowFox's longbow is silver with red notches down the handle. his longbow can be folded to make it smaller and more portable. The longbow has 30 arrows each with a small energon drillbit at the tip of the head. This drillbit gives each arrow extra penetrating ability at it rotates into the target traveling deeper then a normal arrow or bullet/laser shell. Even if the target can remove the shaft, the arrow head remains doing even more damage till it drills its way out. Each arrow can be fired at 300fps. ShadowFox's bowstaff is his signature weapon in CQC. Like his bow, Shadowfox's staff can be compressed for easy carry. This doesn't take away from its effectiveness however. The bowstaff can also be split in half for two smaller staffs that can be held in each hand. Hidden in each smaller staff is an energon blade that springs out at the flip of a switch(Think Lightsabre only Energon). At a moments notice the two staffs can again become one. Shadowfox's final weapon of choice is his twin laser guided pistols. Each one can spend their 90 round clip in tree seconds. Each gun has 12 extra clips for a grand total of 1080rounds each. By detaching a clip from a pistol an active reload is activated placing a new clip in the handle. This gives a hands free reload allowing for a constant barrage of firepower. Shadowfox can spend all his ammo for both guns in about a minute. At close range were accuracy can be increased uploading 2160 rounds in one minute to a single target can be very affective.

Profile: ShadowFox is an older Transformer who has seen many battles. He started out as a young Autobot during the last war. after its end Shadowfox left cybertron to train in solitude. His travels lead him to the jungle planet were his time was spend hunting and surviving the harsh climate and local wildlife. Over time Shadowfox's demeaner changed from a reckless Autobot to cold a calculating Decepticon. What was once a reckless Autobot eager to fight for the autobot cause is now a Decepticon who loathes it. Shadowfox is now known to be slow to act, yet deadly when he does. His weapons of choice are his bowstaff, longbow and twin pistols. All of which he uses with the skill of a master. Shadowfox's alt mode of choice is a modified earth Hummer, which he uses to track his targets over any terrain. His ability to disappear into any amount of light without the use of a generator make him a dangerous opponent. He can use this ability in both Hummer and robot modes.

Abilities: Being a vet of many past battles, Shadowfox knows what to expect from his opponents as well as his comrades. His skill with a bowstaff is unmatched by any other transformer. He can deflect most kinds of projectiles just by rotating his staff in front of him at high speed. Shadowfox has an advanced built-in radar system that continually sends out sonar waves to monitor everything within a depicted radius. Nothing escapes his eye, be it a large transformer or a single grain of sand. This make him virtually impossible to sneak up on Shadow fox has an ability to completely disappear into any light, without the use of a generator, for extended periods of time as long as he remains completely still. This ability allows him to completely escape detection from any kind of scanning devise. It is almost like he isn't even there. This is an effective tool as Shadowfox has been known to remain perfectly still for weeks at a time waiting for his target to come into view. If he moves his camouflage will be interrupted until he stops moving again. A keen eye could spot this an make him, though none ever have.

Weaknesses: Though his ability to remain completely still for extremely long amounts of time is seen as a useful skill it is also his biggest weakness. Shadowfox will remain in the same spot untill he has obtained his objective or he has been compromised. He is completely stubborn on and off the battle field. He will track his target for years if that is what it takes. He completely hates the Autobots. Just the mention of the word will send him over the edge and disrupt his focus.

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