Name: Shadowshock

Primary function: Light Air-Ground Support

Alt mode: Hover-Jet

Weapons: 1x Sword. Sword can be 'charged' with her ability. 1x Projectile Rifle; 28 rounds per clip, 6 clips. Bullets are sheathed in energy to assist against shield penetration and/or additional damage to electric devices. 1x Grenade launcher. Has to attach to rifle for use. 3 gernades per clip, 2 clips.

Profile: An Al'tyr with yellow optics who now works with the Autobots. She is not inclined to mention anything of her past to anyone. In a battle-like situation, Shadowshock has no problem doing back attacks on mechs, especially if they are bigger and stronger than she is. Familiar with guerilla warfar tactics and is quick to figure out how to use new weapondry unless it is overly complicated.

Abilities: Her most obvious ability is being able to hover and fly in either mode. Being able to rotate her four jets helps her to be able to shift speeds and directions faster than most flyers can. She also incorporates the use of her jets in her sword fighting, using them to give more power and force to a blow that she would not be able to deliver unassisted. Last, but not least, is her ability to self-generate electricity throughout her whole frame, or only in one area (i.e. her hands), shocking anything/anyone touching her. She can control where the shock is concentrated and how much power she puts into it. She can't 'throw' or 'shoot' her electricity, but she can arc it (i.e. between her hands) and if mechs are standing next to her they definatly can feel her build up a powerful shock, like when she creates a ball of electricity in her hand. Her sword is specially build so she can channel her shock ability through the sword into another mech, or store it to discharge on contact.

Weaknesses: Physically, Shadowshock is not as strong as most warrior mechs are. In regards to her 'shocking' ability, if she sustains it for too long, or puts too much power in it, she runs the risk of damaging herself and possibly senting herself into stasis from depeleted energy. Her speed is not equal to that of a seeker type jet.

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