Name: Aisha Azari/Shockblast

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Function: Targetmaster Weapon for Twilight

Alligence: Autobots

Profile: After nearly dying and being healed by a decepticon allied girl,she now decides that remaining human on the battlefield is dangerous. She Assumes her form of Shockblast, a Targetmaster for her love Tyjos who now is inside the Autobot known as Twilight. Twilight now keeps her close to him she acts like a buffer for his emotions that rage inside him. More than once she finds herself calming his anger before he acts on it. She too feels abandoned by the Autobots on the battlefield but she knows that the others were engaged in battles and would have had no time to come and rescue them. Her Shockblast personality of course is her own,her strength other than the firepower of her weapon is her ability to talk things out and end conflicts through expert negotiation rather than costly battle. She has so much courage that she will stand up to Megatron type bots even while others run from them.

Weakness: Tyjos,if he is hurt she will disengage any battle to care for him,after all he is her husband and she cares deeply for him. This can also disrupt her functions some times if she is intensly worried about him she looses concentration and becomes unreliable.

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