Name: Silverlight Alliance: Decepticons Race: Minicon

Alt Mode: Hoverboard

PROFILE: Silverlight is a young, witty minicon that has a lot of spirit. He has an upbeat attitude most of the time, but when his buttons are pushed he can get deadly. Silverlight hates humans due to experiences he had in the past. Though he may scorn most humans, oddly enough, he has befriended a young human girl by the name of Venus112. Silverlight is usually wreckless but when it comes down to it, he can be an extremely valueable source to rely on. Don't let his size fool you. He may be small but he's very strong.

WEAPONS: Silverlight's arms both become laser blasters.

ABILITIES: Silverlight is extremely quick when it comes to flying as a hover board.

WEAKNESSES: At times Silverlight can be dangerously wreckless. He's small, so it's easy for him to get hurt.

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