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SimEnc, the Simming Encyclopedia, is wiki devoted to providing you neutral, factual information about the simming, online role-playing, and play-by-post role-playing community. We a collaborative project, free and open to all simmers, online role-players, and play-by-post role-players regardless of rank or club affiliation. We invite you to edit and contribute information about your character, your game, and your club.

To ensure the accuracy and fairness of all material posted to SimEnc, we require all users of SimEnc to abide by our guidelines, which are contained below. For your ease of use, our guidelines are presented in a question and answer format.


Who can contribute?Edit

All simmers, online role-players, and play-by-post role-players are welcome to contribute to SimEnc. We don't care about your rank or club affiliation, if you're active with a dozen sims/games or one sim/game, or if retired from simming/online role-playing/play-by-post role-playing long ago.

How do I create an account, create a page, or format a page?Edit

Please see our Help page.

Is there a difference between simming, online role-playing, or play-by-post role-playing?Edit

Not in our eyes. They all refer to the same hobby, although people call it by different names. We use all three terms here in the guidelines to convey that our wiki is open to all; we do not want someone to feel turned away because they use one term as opposed to any other. Throughout the entires posted to SimEnc you will see all three terms used (as well as alternate verities, e.g. simm or sim); we have no preference for which is used - people are free to use whatever term they are comfortable with and believe is appropriate for the page.

Finer PointsEdit

What can I contribute?Edit

You may contribute content that is derived from the simming, online role-playing, or play-by-post role-playing community; that is, in-character content produced by a sim/game, or related out-of-character information concerning, for example, how a sim/game or club developed, is organized, or is managed.

  • On SimEnc you will find a myriad of pages related to simming/online role-playing/play-by-post role-playing. The most common pages on SimEnc are bio pages about simmers/players, both active and inactive, pages about sims/games, again both active and inactive, and pages about clubs/groups, both active and inactive.

How should entries read?Edit

Entries are expected to read like those found in an encyclopedia. They must be concise, balanced, and grounded in fact, sticking only to the relevant points needed to accurately and clearly portray the subject matter.

Should I post in-chracter or out-of-character information?Edit

You may post both in-chracter and out-of-character information. However, all pages must begin with an out-of-character introduction (e.g. "Bob is a simmer…" "The USS Constellation is a Star Trek sim…") and should contain a section providing out-of-character background (e.g. "Bob has been simming for x years and has served in the following games…"). In-character information is allowed, provided it is contained within its own section on the page, and provided it is directly related to the larger out-of-character subject of the page (e.g. a page about a simmer/gamer containing an overview of the characters played by the individual, a sim/game page providing highlights of missions, etc).

Can I post real life information?Edit

It depends. Real life information includes, but is not limited to, name, age, location, occupation, personal (non simming/gaming) e-mail address, etc; it also includes links to sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc, where real life information is readily available.

  • When it comes to posting your own info, it is no way required, but, if you wish, in pages where real life information serves to enhance readers understanding of the page, you may post brief (no more than a few sentences) real-life information about yourself, as well as provide links to outside sites that contain real-life info about yourself. However, if you are under the age of 18, you may not, under any circumstances, post any real life information about yourself, or post any photographs of yourself, or post any links to any sites that will contain such information. Regardless of your age, you may not post your real-life address or phone number.
  • When it comes to posting real-life information about others, you may only post:
    • The real life name of a person if they also use that name within the simming/online role-playing/play-by-post role-playing community, and only within the context of how they use that name (i.e. when writing about a character if they use their real name as their character name);
    • A brief description of real-life events as it relates to convey information about out-of-character events (e.g. "Bob became busy in real-life and retired from simming…").
    • Brief real-life information about a deceased simmer/role-player, provided such information is derived from a publicly available source, such content serves to enhance readers understanding, and such content is included in a respectful fashion.

Can I make things up?Edit

Good one, but no! All entires must be truthful. Don't make things up; don't lie. Similarly, avoid half truths and embellishments.

  • For out-of-character information this is straightforward; if it didn't happen or didn't exist, its not true.
  • For in-character information, on a fundamental level, everything is created by its author. When assessing the truth of in-character information, treat it as any other work of fiction; if the events occurred during the course of the sim/game, its truth for that sim/game. Likewise, if it was published in an official source related to the sim/game (its website, wiki, newsletter, etc), it similarly can be viewed as the truth for that sim/game.

Can I post opinion or speculation?Edit

Generally, speculation should be avoided. However, deduction or opinion, based on analysis, may sometimes be necessary when developing a more substantial page. Such is acceptable, provided:

  • It is supported with facts;
  • It is clearly indicated that such is deduction or opinion, and the analysis behind it is disclosed; and
  • Its inclusion serves a purpose (i.e., it helps clarify a point, it assists in airing alternate or balancing viewpoints, etc).

Can I use superlatives?Edit

Please don't. Avoid sayings like "best sim," "greatest leader," "worst club," etc. Instead, use facts to illustrate points.

There is already a wikipedia page for it, should I create similar page on SimEnc?Edit

Generally, no. If there is already a wikipedia page about it, do not recreate it on SimEnc; if you feel it is appropriate, please include a link to the wikipedia page instead. However, if a person, sim/game, or club has a wikipedia page, it ok for there to be a page about such on SimEnc as well.

Can I deviate from the requirements of this guide?Edit

Generally, no. However, on a case by case basis where a hardship with complying with this guide can be demonstrated, the Administrator of SimEnc, in consultation with the SimEnc Board, may grant a waiver. Such waiver shall be posted by the Administrator to the appropriate discussion page. Please contact the Administrator if you wish to request a waiver.

What will happen to content not in conformance with these guidelines?Edit

It will be edited to be brought into conformance.

Working with othersEdit

How do I work with others to develop SimEnc?Edit

SimEnc is a collaborative effort developed over the course of years by numerous users. This often means you have to work with others, both in real time and through time, to develop the content that is posted to SimEnc. This is accomplished through respect and consensus.

How do I respect others?Edit

Simple! Be courteous in your interactions with everyone on SimEnc. Be tolerant of the preferences and points of view of others, especially if they differ from your own.

How do I respect others creations?Edit

It is equally important to respect the creations of others. Simmers/role-players pour their time and hearts into their characters, sims/games, and clubs. If you are writing about something you did not create (e.g. another person's character), or share in its creation (e.g. a sim/game or club in which you did not serve), or if you are writing about an event or time where you were not present, please be extra careful in your research and writing to ensure what you contribute is an accurate and tasteful presentation of their work.

What is consensus?Edit

Consensus is the driving principle of SimEnc. Consensus means everyone who has an interest in a particular subject (e.g. a specific page) can live with the outcome (e.g. how the page reads), even though disagreement may still exist.

How is consensus achieved on a particular page on SimEnc?Edit

In the ideal, everyone who has an interest in the page agrees with every last word, comma, etc. That though is not the goal of consensus; the goal is to produce a page that everyone who has an interest in the page can live with. To achieve consensus:

  • Clearly state your preference.
  • Accept that people have alternative preferences.
  • Try to understand the preferences of others.
  • Work to develop a position that all can support.
  • Do not try to make people abandon their preference.
  • Do not try to convince people to accept your preference.
  • Do not be upset if you fail to get everything you want; especially if there is an alternative or compromise you can live with.
  • Do not abandon your position if you truly cannot accept another outcome.

Consensus is easily reached on the vast majority of pages on SimEnc. Sometimes though, there are disagreements. In those cases, please:

  • Follow all SimEnc guidelines (this is always a requirement, but when things become contentious, its important to doubly do so).
  • If facts, analysis, deduction, opinion, points of view, etc, are a point of contention, make clear in the page that such is a point of contention, and follow with a summary of everyone's position. If people are unable to agree on the wording of the summary, allow each side to write up their own passage and include each passage in the page, with any passage representing the position of the page's subject going first (that is, if the page is about a person, that person's passage goes first, if the page is about a sim/game/club, the passage written by the person who is/was the host/leader (or if unavailable, highest ranking official available) during the period of time in question goes first).
  • If there are no facts, analysis, deduction, opinion, points of view, etc, in dispute - but layout, organization, word choice, etc, is a point of contention, defer to the preference of the person representing the page's subject (that is, if the page is about a person, that person; if the sim/game/club, the current host/leader (or designee)). (Provided of course their preference is in accordance with SimEnc guidelines).

What happens if consensus cannot be achieved?Edit

If you cannot live with how a page is written, you may declare it to be disputed by either posting to the discussion page or contacting the SimEnc administrator and declaring the page to be disputed and stating your reasons for it.

What happens when a dispute is declared?Edit

Please see our dispute resolution policy for further information.

Can I delete material?Edit

You should build upon what is already there, not delete. If necessary, you may edit existing text in the interest of grammar, clarity, or brevity; but you cannot remove underlying facts or viewpoints.

Do I need to disclose my sources?Edit

Yes. To help other users assess and build upon your contributions, you must disclose the source of your information. After adding content to a page, click on the "discussion" tab and briefly state (a sentence or two), where you got your information (e.g. website, based on personal experience, from personal records, was told by so and so, etc). Also explain any assumptions, doubts, or unanswered questions you have about your contribution or source. Likewise, when uploading a file, be sure to disclose where it came from and who created it. (See the next question for further information).

Can I post content created by others?Edit

It's complicated! Original material created by others is protected by copyright law.

  • When it comes to images, sound files, and other non-text materials, post only what you personally created, or that to which you have obtained explicit written permission from the owner (usually but not always the creator) to post and to bind to the terms of these guidelines (including but not limited to the Terms of Service). Alternatively, you may post images, sound files, and other non-written media as fair use, but understand, if this is challenged by the copyright holder, SimEnc will not defend your assertion of fair use and will delete the content. Whenever posting images, sound files, and other non-written material to SimEnc, clearly identify the owner, and if the owner is someone other than you, state if you have obtained the explicit written permission from the owner to post and bind the owner to the terms of these guidelines (including but not limited to the Terms of Service), or if you are claiming fair use.
  • When it comes to text, similar rules apply. Post only what you have personally written, or that to which you have obtained explicit written permission from the owner (usually but not always the author) to post and to bind to the terms of these guidelines (including but not limited to the Terms of Service). Whenever posting text to SimEnc that you have not written, state if you have obtained the explicit written permission from the owner to post and bind the owner to the terms of these guidelines (including but not limited to the Terms of Service). Alternatively, you may contribute material to SimEnc written by others, and for which you have not obtained permission to post, provided you clearly identify the material as a quotation and the source of the material. Such quoted material must be in used in accordance with copyright law, including but not limited to constituting only a limited position of the source material (by their nature, quotes are a fraction of a larger work; if you copy a substantial portion of the material it's not a quote), and the quote supplements the larger page (if a majority of the page is copied from what was written by someone else, its not a quote). If the use of a quotation is challenged, SimEnc will investigate the matter and may delete the content.

Any material that, in the opinion of SimEnc does not constitute fair use, a proper quotation, or otherwise infringes upon copyright may be deleted without warning.

Can I curse and be obscene?Edit

No! That is not very respectful now, is it? All content posted to SimEnc must be suitable for minors. Content shall be free of profanities, racial or sexual slurs, derogatory terms, sexually explicitly material, or threatening or harassing remarks.

How should I write about a disciplinary action?Edit

Occasionally, negative things occur within the simming/online-role-playing/play-by-post role-playing community. Sometimes, these result in people being suspended, expelled, demoted, or otherwise disciplined by a sim/game/club/etc. If you wish to make mention of such, to avoid posting something that could potentially constitute defamation of character, you must either:

  • Ensure both the person who was disciplined and the sim/game/club that issued the disciplinary action (or if the sim/game/club no longer exists, the host/leader or other person who issued the disciplinary action) agree to the wording describing the disciplinary action prior to it being posted to SimEnc; or
  • Develop an extensive entry (several paragraphs in length) summarizing the events that lead to the disciplinary action, the process through which the disciplinary action was issued (e.g. a description of the hearing), the evidence presented, the response and views of the defendant (did they accept their guilt, maintain their innocence, dispute the evidence, the proceedings, etc?), and any other relevant points of view, supports, or criticisms of the disciplinary action.

Can I copy content from SimEnc?Edit

No. You may not copy, reproduce, republish, disseminate, upload, post, display, transmit, or frame any content hosted on SimEnc without prior written consent from the copyright owners. However, you may link to or quote content from SimEnc, provided you provided proper citations. Such quoted material must be in used in accordance with copyright law, including but not limited to constituting only a limited position of the source material (by their nature, quotes are a fraction of a larger work; if you copy a substantial portion of the material it's not a quote), and the quote supplements the larger page (if a majority of the page is copied from what was written by someone else, its not a quote).


How should SimEnc pages be titled?Edit

Pages shall be titled with a name that accurately describes the subject of the page.

  • Where the subject is a person, the page name should be the name of the character most readily associated with the person. In the alternative, the screen name (or similar) of the individual can be used if the character name is unknown or if the sim/game/club uses screen names (or similar) to identify members.
  • Where the subject is a sim/game, the name of the sim/game shall be used, followed by a parenthetical containing the abbreviation of the parent club.
  • Where the subject is a club, the name of the club shall be used.

In the event two or more subjects share the same name, the pages shall be renamed by providing an unique parenthetical identifier. The page without the parenthetical identifier shall be transformed into a disambiguation page that links to the pages that share the same name.

How should the introduction read?Edit

All pages must begin with an out-of-character introduction (e.g. "Bob is a simmer…" "The USS Constellation is a Star Trek sim…") that summarizes the subject matter. The subject name shall be placed as close to the beginning of the first sentence as possible, and shall be bolded. If the subject is also known by other names, these names shall be placed in a parenthetical that immediately follows the subject name and shall also be bolded.

Can I include images?Edit

Yes. If you wish to include an image, the first image shall be placed in the upper right side of the page. This image shall be the one that most directly relates to the subject of the page. Other images shall be placed within the page in locations near to where they relate to the text, and shall be included in a fashion that does not distract from the text.

Do I need to include category tags?Edit

Yes, all pages must include one Main Category. Other categories shall be added as appropriate.


What is SimEnc's privacy policy?Edit

  • We will not spam you.
  • We will not share your e-mail address with anyone.
  • We will not contact you for any reason other than matters directly related to SimEnc.
  • We will leave cookies in your cache and collect general information about your operating system and location to compile statistics for the site; this information will not be shared with anyone.


What does "guidelines" mean?Edit

Guidelines means the material written on this page, as well as our Terms of Service, Help page, and our our dispute resolution page.

What does "user" mean?Edit

"User" means any individual who contributes content to SimEnc, who views SimEnc, or who uses SimEnc content outside of SimEnc.

What does "content" mean?Edit

"Content" means any information or material, wether written, graphic, audio, or in any other media, that is found on SimEnc.

Does singular mean singular, plural mean plural?Edit

The use of singular and plural is interchangeable within these guidelines; singular terms shall be read as if they were also written as plural, plural terms shall be read as if they were also written as singular.


Who should I contact for further information?Edit

Chas Hammer is the Administrator of SimEnc. You can reach him at

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