FANDOM was a website that provided news and information for the simming community. In its later years it served as the management entity for the Simming League.

HistoryEdit was launched in July 2004 by Chas Hammer to provide news and information for the simming community and to serve as a vehicle for members of the Simming League to develop projects free from the politics of the League. In this, replaced, which closed in 2003. had its origins in "The Center for Simming Research," which was established in 2002 by Chas Hammer. Despite the grand name, the center was little more then an AOL member website created by Chas to house essays written by noted simmers. Upon the creation of, the center's collection was moved to the site.

In June 2005, the League and began joint publication of a monthly newsletter, and launched a yahoo group to distribute the newsletter and other updates. By the end of the year, the newsletter was abandoned and replaced in favor of publishing news articles on the site as they became available. To facilitate this, switched from a static php site to one driven by the e-107 content management system.

In September 2005, partnered with the Federation Sim Fleet to launch the SimEnc wiki.

During 2006, the website was deemphasized and, with the exception of a few pieces of unique content, became a collection of links to other sites, including the Simming League and SimEnc. In June, the e-107 news site was transferred to the League, where it became the nucleolus of a revamped League website.

In March 2007, executed a reverse merger with the Simming League. The League's political structure was abolished and gained control of the League's resources, including its website, message boards, awards, and events. However, because of the historic value of the League name, all remaining content of was folded into the Simming League site, and linked to the League site. The League name and branding continue to be utilized until 2012, at which point the League was dissolved.

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