Name: Sky Lynx

Allegiance: Autobot

Primary function: Warrior/Transport Operations

Alt mode: Standard Earth space shuttle (orbiter) with drop module

Alt mode 2: Standard Earth space shuttle (orbiter) without drop module

Appearance: Among the others he has maybe the most unusual appearance of all, considering at least the lack of regular robot form. Instead, his combined shuttle mode transforms into the like of dragon mode. The part of the forward fuselage forms the ‘face‘; the rest of it along with other parts from the mid fuselage form the neck. Those parts are placed between the inner and outer side of shell of mid fuselage and are being brought together moving forward following the cabin/face during the transformation sequence. The same procedure is in case of the tail on the other side, but instead the cabin there’s the fin.

Dragon-like wings are being formed from ones of the shuttle by extending them from inside using parts hidden there. Legs/claws are being formed from drop module, the rest of it becomes the breast and whole bottom part of body.

Dinobird mode differs from the dragon mode in the lack of bottom part and therefore legs and claws with only two bird’s claws as well. Also difference consists in the form and design of wings, which become more flexible in this mode, having kind of metal feathers. This mode is faster and more maneuverable, but vulnerable at the same time.

Profile: It is very unclear what was his origins and what's his accurate age. At some point he became an autobot and joined the war for he was convinced that decepticons' methods were not for him and his principles. Somehow he doesn’t remember his life before that moment. Inside his spark he always had the code of honor. He would never attack from the back; instead he would draw attention with loud roar and then charge into his opponent. Sometimes that doesn't work, especially if the enemy has superiority in strength or quantity. And with Sky Lynx's congenital overconfidence, he often runs into such situations.

His inner sense of honor doesn't prevent him from having a rather peculiar temper. He never loses the opportunity to tell others about his 'superior' skills and qualities. Some of his fellows just laugh at such eccentricity, some of them think it's very annoying, but he never changes. He tends to think of himself, like he's the center of every conversation, every combat, trying to became part literally of everything. But as long as such restlessness doesn't affects his sense honor and self-respect.

Eccentricity, though, doesn't prevent him from respecting his fellows, treat some of them as friends, but his 'dragon' appearance and lack of regular robot form makes things a bit difficult in terms of relationships and friendship. That is why he always tends to stay away, be on some recon missions, patrol, but that doesn't mean he avoids real conversation.

Has a hidden desire to reveal his past.

Weapons: - Plasma Canon in jaws (continuous flow no more than three seconds, then three seconds for recharge and barrel cooling; has the ability of long range focused shots, in this case a shot takes one moment and then three seconds to recharge) - Fin/tail rocket launcher (five homing rockets in stock, two of them are on both sides in the bottom of the fin, the rest inside the tail's very end)

Strengths/Abilities: +Furious close combat fighter +Loyalty to his friends +Great maneuvering dragon and bird mode capabilities. Despite his size, he is a very difficult target to get in a long range. + Interstellar flight ability + Ability to transport units + Ability to split dragon form to dinobird and lynx forms. His consciousness in that case can be placed in any part, but one at time. The other acts on a level of animal instincts with program of obeying. He tends to stay in bird mode while split though. Both parts can independently transform: dinobird to a shuttle, lynx - to a module.

Weaknesses: - Too much overconfidence and blind courage at times, brings a lot of trouble. - Low long range combat effectiveness, low amount of homing rockets can be hold at time. - Lack of high firing rate weapons, periods of time for recharge needed. - In spite of his ability of short range combats, his relatively big size makes him a perfect target in mid and short range combat. - Lack of regular robot form - Interstellar flights take too much energy. - Weaker defense of dinobird mode. Because of the separation with module, certain parts of body get outside. Wings become more flexible and with kind of metal feathers. That increases overall speed and maneuvering ability but decreases their durability and armor.

Notes: Strength drops in bird mode inevitably, because of weight lose and relatively smaller size. Theoretically, if flight ability is lost and ground module is out of control, it can easily defeat its bird-master.

As was stated before, speed increases in dinobird mode because of certain design changes that affect aerodynamics.

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