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The station based sim Aegis was founded under the title of Starbase Aegis on August 18, 1995 by HoD T'Sara zantai T'Zay and Commander Jennan Ayer. Launched in Starfleet Online (SFOL) on America Online, it operates Friday evenings at 10:00pm. Created at the height of SFOL dominance, it was one of the few games within the forum to take place completely aboard a space station.

Originally set in orbit of the planet Canar II near the Cardassian Demilitarized Zone, events from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine played heavily in the sim during the late 1990s. Stories and plots were heavily impacted by the events of the television show. The initial focus of the game was the development of the Canar II colony. This subplot provided for players to serve as senior administrators of the colony. This was in addition to numerous diplomatic representatives and civilian roles that have been present on the game. One individual, playing the role of a Ferengi Ambassador, has become a staple of the sim since its arrival in 1997. During this period of time, the game often featured marines, fighter squadrons and numerous support vessels that were used for non-station based missions.

In August 2000, the focal point of the game changed when operations were moved to the Cardassia system and missions changed to involve reconstruction efforts following the conclusion of the Dominion War. Temporarily named station Deep Space Aegis, activity briefly took place on the surface of Cardassia Prime. This name change was a temporary one and lasted until March 2001. Finally renamed Sky Harbor Aegis, the game resumed operations as space based station sim. Often featuring extended plots and missions, this relocation was one that itself took eight months to complete. This new facility was jointly constructed by Allied Powers, allowing players to participate as regular members who were Klingons, Romulans and later even Cardassians. Under recently changed leadership, the game was part of the exodus from Spacefleet Online in July 2002 due to concerns about AOL's continued sponsorship of the forum. Sky Harbor Aegis became one of the founding sims of the Star Trek Simulation Forum (STSF) when the group was formed on July 31, 2002.

Since its relocation into STSF, Aegis has continued to carry on the tradition of entertaining plots featuring politics and diplomacy as cornerstones. In early 2006, Aegis added full diplomatic wing to it's roster. As of late 2006, it remains the only sim set aboard a space station in the Star Trek Simulation Forum.


Current Commanding Officer:

  • Ambassador Drankum
    2009 - Present

Current Executive Officer:

  • Commander Chirakis Kirel
    2009 - Present

Former Commanding Officer(s):

  • HoD T'Sara zantai T'Zay
    1995 - 1997
  • Captain Sorehl
    1997 - 1998
  • Captain Thomas Halloway
  • Captain Sorehl
    1998 - 2000
  • Captain Stephen J. Bulloc
    2000 - 2002
  • Rear Admiral Frederic Meve
    2002 - 2006
  • Rear Admiral Iruam Goran
    2006 - 2007
  • Captain Mikel St. John
  • Captain Muon Quark
    2007 - 2009

Former Executive Officer(s):

  • Commander Jennan Ayer
    1995 - 1997
  • Commander Sorehl
  • Commander Eriied Sej
    1997 - 1998
  • Commander Stephen J. Bulloc
    1998 - 2000
  • Daise'Erei'Riov Kalicia t'Ksa
    2000 - 2001
  • Commander James Tagget
    2001 - 2002
  • Captain Nicholas Ayers
    2002 - 2007
  • Commander Muon Quark
  • Commander Brian Brown
    2008 - 2009


Starbase Aegis
August 18, 1995 - August 11, 2000
Starbase Mark IV Support Facility Class
Deep Space Aegis
August 11, 2000 - March 23, 2001
Refitted Dominion Military Control Operations Center
Sky Harbor Aegis
March 23, 2001 - Present
Jovian Modified Space Station Class

Support CraftEdit

F.A.S. Plunder
Ferengi Trader Class
F.A.S. Plunder A
Ferengi Shuttle Class
naS SuS'a'
B'Rel Class Bird of Prey
U.S.S. Colorado
Danube Multi-role Intersellar Class
U.S.S. Congo
Danube Multi-role Intersellar Class
U.S.S. Lewis, NCC-42754
Centaur Light Cruiser Class Refit
U.S.S. Pandora's Box, NCC-65777
Norway Diplomatic/Scientific Enhanced Destroyer Class Refit
U.S.S. Perseus, NCC-53848
Oberth Modified Science Cruiser Class
U.S.S. Tiber
Danube Multi-role Intersellar Class
U.S.S. Yorktown, NCC-1717-D
Sovereign Enhanced Deterrence Explorer Class

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