Name: Slowbrowse aka Fastscan

Allegiance: Decepticons

Primary Function: Spy and Medic

Alt mode: Green and white 1998 Ford Explorer

Weapons: - Cybertronian stun gun - Wrist saws (multipurpose medical tool and weapon)

Profile: He is good at his job, so good that he made it to a Chief Medical Officer rank in the Autobot army before being transferred to a small outpost. It was the perfect cover; nobody ever suspected that he was actually a Decepticon spy. Known as Fastscan to the autobots, he was able to transfer vital information to the decepticons. He never ended being surprised at how much information Autobots tell their trusted medics.

Even when the war ended he continued his disguise rather than come out as an ex-spy. While at the outpost he met and became responsible for the care of Nightstalker. As she grew he took interest in her; particularly her new abilities. He also started to have suspicions about her background and actual age based on her behavior and from what he saw when repairing her. However before he could act on them, Riverrun was killed and all his recorded erased by Windstorm. After his death, Fastscan watched as Nightstalker started to change and this again raised his suspicions.

When Windstorm ordered her to be reprogrammed, Fastscan did his best to skillfully avoid every attempt without exposing himself. Little did she know that he was the one who placed the communication device in the rubble; knowing she find it there and act on it. One thing added to another and even after she left the base he continued on his work but never gave up trying to locate her.

It wasn’t until he intercepted a decepticon communication from earth ordering their best medic to come did he find her again. While not the best medic by far, he had the most knowledge of her systems and issues with them. Going AWOL during the next battle, he made his way to earth and even having repaired her numerous times he was still shocked at the extent of her internal damage. The surgery to remove the spike from her spark chamber took almost three earth days and then another week passed before she was able to be brought back online. Time that not only healed her but also allowed him to confirm some of his suspicions.

Once Nightstalker was repaired, he intended on returning but changed his mind upon realizing that they had no official medic. Although he will never admit, he also decided to stay because he felt defensive towards some of the other mechs in the base. He didn’t like them around Nightstalker. Returning to his original designation as Slowbrowse he made himself at home.

Abilities: - Being a spy he walks very quietly, allowing him to approach others before they even notice him there. - Able to remove numerous components from himself without loss of ability due to secondary systems; allows him to use parts of himself to repair others in the field.

Weaknesses: - Being a medic can cause confliction of interest when it comes to injured mechs. - Is protective of Nightstalker to an extent that can cause a disadvantage. - Forgets how old he is at times and gets annoyed quickly when he is reminded.

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