MIA Edit

Name: SnapShot

Primary function: Decepticon Espionage Specialist

Alt mode: Tetrahedronical-delta wing seeker

Weapons: 1x Energon-coated blade Wakizushi (short sword) 1x 20mm Auto Pistol (20 rounds per clip/12 clips on body) 5x MultiPurposeXplosive (MPX) - shapeshifting bomb, able to become grenade, rocket, guided missile, etc

Profile: Decepticon Counter-intelligence Director Abilities: Space-flight Weakness: Phobia of organic life forms can freak SnapShot out during crucial battles; also, pistol rounds are low-caliber high-velocity, dealing low damage to targets, making SnapShot rely on his MPXs for needed firepower

Info: Prior to his current form, the being known as SnapShot had underwent numerous body changes, causing a little instability in his thinking processes. From an Autobot legend to a Targetmaster to a Defense Grid Expert, SnapShot is now the head of the Decepticon Anti-Black Ops and Counter-Espionage agency, the Decepticon Counter-Intelligence (DCI). Analytical, but full of enigmatic cynicism, he is best when supporting the grunts from behind enemy lines, providing much needed tactical info via the DCI's numerous spy satellites.

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