Name: SniperFox

Weapon mode: Long-range High velocity TorqueBow

Alt Mode: Sub-sonic jet.

Allegiance: Mini-con

Function: Weapons Design expert

Weapons: Right arm is the barrel for his weapon mode.

Allies: ShadowFox

Quote: "If I can't fix it, it's not broken"

Bio: SniperFox Was a mini-con given to the young Autobot SiverFox by the elders of Cybertron to aid him on the missions they sent him on. SniperFox's job was to protect Siverfox and provide him with weapons and tools that he would need for each mission. SniperFox gladly did this as his one thrill in life was to make an even better weapon then the last.

Sniperfox had made several weapons for SilverFox. These entitaled Twin Rapidfire Pistols, a Longbow for Stealth missions, and a Bowstaff that doubled as two energon powered Lightsabres.

Sniperfox's optic are so advance for a transformer that they can see to a distance of about 300miles and shoot an earth-fly off a transformer without even scratching their paint. at the same time they can magnify an object down to its muleculer level. This allows him to fix even the smallest of problems that other mechinics couldn't even see let alown touch.

Sniperfox's demeaner is plasid, prefering to profect a weapon rather then using it in the field. He has spent his days cataloging all the information that SiverFox brings to him. This doesn't mean that he wont fight when needed.

When Sniperfox and SilverFox join forces they are a formatable foe that was never taken lightly. They were seperated coming back from their last mission. SniperFox went to see the elders and report what they found were SiverFox stayed outside. It was then that the nuke hit destroying everything around. When SniperFox came back online he couldn't find SilverFox anywere. To this day he searches for his comrade hoping to find him one day on Cybertron still funtioning..

Abilities: Sniperfox has special optics that can magnify an object at a muleculer level as well as see object as far as 300 earth miles even through/around objects.

Sniperfox has a perfect Photographic memory. He only has to see something for a fraction of a second and he can duplicate it. Be it weapon schematics or one of a fellow Transformer or defence grid. Because of this he doesn't take long hacked into another's files making it near impossible to track him or even tell he was there.

Unlike other mini-cons who's host have to have the armada program, Sniperfox can link with anyone. This is do to special Energon-sicles that are attached to grips wile he is in Weapon mode. The grips attach themselves to the desired part of the body then the energon-sickles extend from the grips and pierce the armor of the Transformer and attach to their central nearvisystom this allows the host transformer to freely control SniperFox as if he was an extension of their own body. This works both ways as SniperFox can also access any information that is connected to the central nearvisystom. This is everything from what the optics see to anything the host has said or touched.

When SniperFox is attached to a larger Transformer he doubles their Weapons firepower.

Weaknesses: When Sniperfox is magnified on an object he sometimes gets tunnel vision and all his senses get completely focused on what his optics see and not what is going on around him. This makes him extremely vulnerable to surprise attacks when he is working on a weapon wile in the field or spying on an enemy camp.

Being a minicon, SniperFox has a great amount of power in just a small package, however he is only able to use this power when attached to a larger Transformer.

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