Alternate Mode: Cybertronian Jet

Allegiance: Decepticon

Function: Mechanic

Weapons: Shoulder cannons.

Profile: To the onlooker Solaris doesn’t seem to take anything seriously, not herself or her fellow Decepticons. While life seems to wash over her she is in fact, very dedicated to her cause. Her offbeat humour often disguising her true intentions. Solaris will make light of any given situation, while many see it as failing to grasp how serious a situation may be; she prefers to laugh and joke her way through things.

Solaris is also honest, often too honest as she can be brutal and tactless when it comes to stating her opinions. The seeker believes that anyone whose feelings are hurt by her simple words shouldn’t be near a battlefield anyway.

Solaris can be relied upon during battle, while not the most skilled warrior she not afraid to get her hands dirty and will always watch out for her comrades.

Older than she appears to be, Solaris has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she can draw from in many situations. While the seeker is loyal to the Decepticons her true allegiance lies with her friends, if a conflict between the two ever arises she will always back her friends.

Abilities: Solaris is a skilled mechanic, able to repair just about anything. She has a huge database of diagram’s, technical layouts and schematics. Able to diagnose most faults in microseconds Solaris can readily identify the correct course of action to correct any problems with a variety of equipment.

In jet mode Solaris can fly at speeds of 1600 miles per hour, with a range of approximately 10,000 miles. Although she is neither one of the fastest or most skilled flyers in the Decepticon fleet, she can still hold her own against lesser airborne Autobots.

In robot mode Solaris possesses average strength. Her shoulder cannons fire lasers with burn at 4000 degrees, able to cut through the thickest of amour.

Solaris also possesses an unusually large subspace compartment, as well as her entire tool kit she can also place another mechonoid inside.

Weaknesses: While Solaris doesn’t suffer from any real physical weaknesses, her bluntness can put her at odds with her fellow Decepticons; this can cause them to be slow to react when she’s placed in danger. It’s widely known that Solaris only just made the grade as a seeker, however the tag can lead her to be overconfident in her aerial abilities.

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