Name: Sound Track.

Primary Function: Roughnecks Team Leader; Prime, Warrior and Psychologist.

Gender: Female.

Alt mode 1: Blue Porsche Cayman SS Earth Sports Car.

Alt mode 2: Even though she possesses a Prime’s mantle, she is not always able to assume her larger form, which is known as Marinus Prime. She prefers to be just plain Sound Track.

Alignment: Lawful Good.

Weapons: She carries several small bladed weapons and devices hidden in various compartments on her self. Carries a 10 round Frost Cannon Rifle, a little heavy but can be handled with both hands, when not attatched to her body in robot mode or to her car chassis in vehicle mode. The weapon upon hitting a target can cover them with an icy film enveloping them completely and turns them into a frozen statue. She also carries a pair of sonic disruptor handguns, capable of affecting/disrupting the molecular structure of anything it hits, generally just knocking targets into an offline state. Each has a round of 25 shots and has a maximum range of up to 50 metres depending on how close the target is and how well she targets them. Each clip for the handguns can carry five rounds, and she is able to store/carry on her person, about 5 rounds total when the guns are not loaded.

Profile: Sonny, as she is most commonly known, is a rather cool mech, she is laid back and very charismatic, but this belies her colder nature. She is a well trained soldier and psychologist, specialising in hand to hand combat and espionage tactics. She is very quiet and laid back in her demeanour. All she has to do is sit there and smile and everyone loves her for it, but she isn’t egotistical, she’d much rather be alone at times. She has taken over leadership of the new ‘Roughnecks’ team when Dark Angel refused after the Military wanted to reform it. She would prefer not to be its leader and only does so out of responsibility, she has also accepted a mantle of power from the Military that was found during a archaeological dig and is now a Prime, though she tries not to let it show. On a personal note, she also loves all forms of music and quite often drowns out the sounds around her with her favourite, Earth rock music. She is also a musician and loves playing her custom built TF sized Guitar, as she can hook herself up to it and use her robot form as an amplifier. Whether or not she can use the guitar as a weapon has not yet been seen.

History: Formerly a Decepticon warrior and tacticians/espionage specialist. Had a brief tryst with a Autobot named Heatwave after she was badly damaged and captured. While in custody however Heatwave was out on a mission and captured, tortured and terminated by her brethren. She did try and rescue Heatwave but was maimed herself and lost her sight. This led to her switching sides. All of these events happened during the time the former ‘Roughnecks’ team was taken down. She enlisted for the Deltronian Military and was not trusted for quite some time due to her background, but eventually gained a measure of respect, but the hard way. She also participated in special forces missions with Dark Angel, and they are long time friends. She was also enlisted with ‘Project Excelsior’, which was the Deltronian Military’s psionics enhancement program for mechanoid soldiers, she gained telepathic abilities as a result, and shares some abilities with her twin sister, Flashdance. She is also spark linked to her current bondmate Jazz, another Autobot, and has two twin daughters, as a result of a previous spark bonding with her former, terminated mate, Heatwave, they are named Sunstar and Midnight. As her other daughter Midnight defected to the Decepticon side and Heatwave was terminated, she became very maternally protective towards Sunstar, but does not coddle her, and is rather more demanding on her than anything.

Abilities: In vehicle mode she can hit 350 mph for a small period of time with no trouble. She is also a very good driver and has precise and articulate movement, both in vehicle and robot mode. She is very agile and quick to move and a very fast and an intelligent thinker, this is due to her intense training as an armed forced specialist. Sound Track as her name suggests can manipulate sounds, whether absorbing or creating them, as a mimic or as a telepath. She is also blind and sees with a special inbuilt sonic amplifier system that allows her to see with sound much like radar x-ray vision. She cannot be affected by any light based weapons due to this, as it would otherwise have an affect on her eyesight. She has the ability to improvise in any given situation like that of an Earth Ninja and is just as stealthy as one also, which is what led to her being nominated for the position of the new ‘Roughnecks’ team leader.

Special Abilities: She is another Transformer who was involved in the Deltronian Military’s Psionics enhancement program. She possesses the ability to read the thoughts of other mechanoids like herself. While she is not very good at it, she is working on being able to read the minds of biological beings also. Her range is strong and capable of traversing/reading over the distance of at least 10 miles at its utmost. If any further than that, she can burn more energon trying to establish contact or read something, unless she knows the contact personally.

Weaknesses: The constant noise of crowds can be off putting for her as does the noise of all the minds around when she doesn’t shut them out. She would also prefer to be alone at all times, but her charismatic nature always has fans and onlookers following her around like a fan club, and this can sometimes make her curt and cold tempered towards others as she doesn’t like the extra attention. She also happens to be fully blind, and can only see as a result of a scanner system that allows her to see sound. She can be affected by any sonic devices due to her extremely sensitive hearing, and also other strong telepathic minds like her own.

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