Name: Speed Demon

Primary function: Recon

Alt mode: Cybertronian Race Car

Alt mode 2:

Weapons: Hands can transform into machine guns. (1000 rounds)

Profile: Speed Demon is exactly what his name implies; a maniac with a obcession with speed. Speed Demon is both fast, agile, and heavily armored. Besides exceptional hand-to-hand skill, Speed Demon's hands can "transform" into machine guns capable of releasing short controlled bursts of explosive tip standard light-armor piercing shells. Speed Demon's main function is as a recon, as he can easily and quickly sweep large areas. Speed Demon would be described by his fellow Ac's as having several screws loose, as he often laughs insanely (Even more so than Wildrider).

Abilities: Can reach a top speed of 1100 mph. Weakness: Speed Demon has a crazed, almost cruel personality which sometimes overrides his objective, leading to conflicts with superior officers. Stats:

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