This is a game played on OngoingWorlds. Spellbound is run by Leon Archer.


The Wizard School of Aetherion has never been well liked by the town's people. And by which I mean, most people scorn it's very name if they even acknowledge it's very existence. Outside of the peaceful village, it's one of the biggest attractions, and there's no-one who hasn't heard of it's antics which is covered in the popular publication - Spellbound.


The Wizard School of Aetherion only teaches the basic magic of an elemental nature to new mages. This means, fire, water, wind, earth, wood, lightning. This evolves into greater, more complex magic later on.

Magical CreaturesEdit


Undead Dragons



Thunder Bird

Fire Fox/Nine Tailed Foxes


Forest Wolf God



Wolf Spirit


Mystical Birds




Mage of Flame

Blaze Familiar:

Jester Rimes Familiar:

Herbert EdwardsFamiliar:

Cena Aligora Familiar:

Professor Erevan Familiar: Lucky

Drake Blaquesole Familiar: Grim

Quenton Arlight Familiar: Kai

Penelope Faith Familiar:

Lycos Mulciber Familiar: Magisterium

Lola Mesa   Familiar: Jinx

Jackson Ray Barbosa  Familiar: Jinx

Mage of Water

Elena Familiar:

Xlotle Pierce Familiar: Zypheria

Emi Waterborne Familiar:

Professor Coo Familiar:

Professor Liah Wavecrest Familiar: Illin

Night Warseek Familiar:

Lynn Aerwyna Familiar:

Lisa Westurn Familiar:

Mizuumi Familiar:

Deborah Familiar:

Clair Udmier Familiar: Bibbles, Nema

Jason Salerno Familiar: Elizada

Dewdrop MistFamiliar:

Alexie Drew Familiar: Gabriella,Tyson

Mage of Wind

Skye Truheart Familiar: Nimbus

Liasa Gustblast Familiar: Sky

Juri Skyweaver Familiar:  DAZ

Zeek "Weasel" Cullins Familiar:  Smokes

Demes Udmier Familiar:

Jay Bluewing Familiar: Alicia Yugure

Mage of Wood

Simon Woodwalker Familiar: Wolf Spirit

Jack Arrowwood Familiar: Kilala, Lily, Aello, Mi Nah Kilala's mom (Kurama)

Necrodemus Familiar: Twiggy


Tiffany Willow-Walker Familiar:

Secretary Underwood Familiar:

Mage of Lightning

Len Winter Familiar:

Megan .C Familiar: Eldinger , Luca

Aaron Flame Familiar:

Rei Fury Familiar:

Professor Cain Sparx Familiar: Mael

Serana  Familiar:

Chance Familiar:

Mage of Earth

Austin leafins Familiar: Xavior

Lord Terra Familiar:

Professor Ikan Huffenpuff Familiar: Lore

Tobias "Goat" Goatean Familiar:  Gumball

Shani Burnard Familiar:

Jason Michael CrownFamiliar:

Ethan Sam Murray Familiar:

Miomer MirabilisFamiliar:

Inactive Characters

High Master Flamebeard Deceased, Familiar: Phoenix

Familiar: Furious Nevelast Formerly owned by Clair Udmier

Familiar: Ajar Formerly owned by Clair Udmier

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