Name: Splinter Ice

Alt. Mode: Modified F-35B

Function: 'Techie Chick'/Gamer

Specialised Function: Pretender

Allegiance: ArmourCommandos

Weapons: FN Five-seveN, Dark Ops Interceptor Combat Knife, Utility Belt

Though four million years old, Splinter Ice spent much of that time off line due to the crash of The Ark. Having been shot out prior to the Ark crashing, Ice landed in Southern Alaska's Mountain Ranges.

Splinter Ice was discovered by US Military Forces in the late 1940's and brought to a newly established secret intelligence facility. Though not completely activated, Splinter Ice's subconsciousness was awakened and her power core and several installed computer chips were used to test and develop many technologies the world sees as standard today.

For approximately 60 years, Splinter Ice subconsciously and secretly navigated herself through many American Bureau's downloading countless amounts of information ranging from human behaviour to military weapons and technologies. This intensified through her components being the base technology behind The Internet.

After the turn of the millennium her constructor TOC was finally able to locate Splinter Ice via the set up of several satellites and other sensors. Immediately extracted and repaired, Splinter Ice used her invaluable amount of intelligence for Lieutenant General Svaat's establishing Supreme Fortress Enterprise.

Splinter Ice is in every sense of the word, a sweetheart. Extremely kind and caring she is the complete opposite to any Armourcon. She's afraid of violence and would prefer to have her hands around a laser cutter sculpting something rather than a firearm. Prior to the nuclear 'carpet bombing' tactical strikes against Cyberton.

Ice spends most of her time either in a lab upgrading/developing technologies or shacked up in her quarters playing games. She is completely in her own little world most of the time and doesn't think much about the war that's occurring. Only that she needs to keep 'Her Svaaty' and 'Her Armourcons' well maintained. Further more she can and has wrapped Svaat around her little finger.

When required to be deployed in the field to set up data hacks or other essential equipment, she is completely reliant of Svaat to keep her unharmed, to which he does without question.

Ice rarely uses her weapons, she only keeps them equipped on her at all times because Svaat asked her too. She's aware that there are times where an enemy may get the jump on her and will attempt less than lethal measures to get out of the situation before drawing her gun or knife.

Splinter Ice is an expert hacker. She is able to plug in and learn new programming codes quickly. She prefers to 'fight' an enemy from the safety of a computer rather than being face to face.

When Ice doesn't have much to do she normally sits herself next to, or leans against Svaat inspecting his weapons. Constantly fine-tuning his much prized M249 and shining his Knives.

On the rare occasion that Ice ever stands up to someone her voice is normally shaky and she's stand-offish.

Ice loves playing her games. She'll constantly make references to her favourites pending on the situation.


Ice can hack into Transformers extracting information from memory banks and leave little next to nothing of her presence. If someone was to really tick her off, which would take a severe effort, she would hack into their body and control them. Making them run into walls or cause target to act like a jester.

Splinter Ice can hide really well. She like Svaat has multi-camouflage plating but a larger range of styles.

Special Ability

Being a Nerd means Splinter Ice knows Revenge is best served through Superior Haxor Skillz (Skills with a Z of course)

Most women carry a handbag, Splinter Ice carries a Utility Belt and from it comes a great range of limitless possibilities in the field of hacking.

Using her PSP to establish a link to her foe's spark. Splinter Ice will then continue to direct her attacker in any way she feels. This ability gives her two choices - Body Control or Unleashing a Digital Virus to Block Target from Accessing Special Ability.

She is limited to how many times she uses this as it puts a strain on her psyche due to amount of concentration required.


Combat. As stated, Ice fears real time combat. She'll only ever go out in the field of battle if Svaat or someone else she dearly trusts is with her. She is scared easily and can be at times a bit clingy.

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