Ssala are a race of gray salamander creatures from parts unknown but can be found on Fernandos.


These gray salamander looking creatures are peaceful very knowledgable of the land.  They vary in size and can grow as large as 5 ft tall.  Their gray skin is textured and moist like a salamander. 

Additional FactsEdit


They have their own language which sounds like hissing and croaking noises.  Sometimes it appears that the same word has more than one meaning.

Senses                                                                                                                                                      The Ssala have better than human sences in the dark.   Their senses don't compare to a dog or cat senses but they do have an edge over the average human.  However, the Ssala have lack cunning to fight their enemy the Haruk.

Religion                                                                                                                                                         Only a few alive has been able to witness the rituals of the Ssala. Ssala have odd rituals for prayer to the moon that involved leaving out fish or small dead animals to sacrafice to the moon goddess.


Other than the being slaves for Haurk trading the Ssala don't seem to keep a record of their history.  The Ssala tend to gather at in small encampments to hide their numbers from the Haruk. Hyrasamoura is the main city of the Haruk and where many Ssala slaves end up.

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