Star Fleet On-Line is the third club to go by the SFOL moniker.

The first two SFOLs, one on Classic Prodigy, the other on America Online, grew to become the dominate sim club on their respective online service. In 1994, AOL made the Starfleet Online located there its official Star Trek sim club, a move that caused great controversy - and an eventual split - in the club. Out of that split was born Star Fleet On-Line around 1994 when some members of the club, unhappy with what they perceived to be an AOL takeover, continued to sim using the SFOL name in private chat rooms on America Online. Lead by Fleet Admiral Ryan and Vice Fleet Admiral John Sisko, the sims soon transitioned to IRC.

The club struggled with network and other problems in its early years, and with the retirement of Fleet Admiral Ryan, the club almost folded and shut down. However, Vice Fleet Admiral John Sisko suggested that then Fleet Captain James T. Kirk assume command of the organization. Kirk was able to rebuild the club and saw it through a a period of growth and prosperity in the late 1990s. The club suffered a split in 1998, but the leader of the split and most of its members later returned and were welcomed back into the Star Fleet On-Line family.

Fleet Admiral Kirk, is still the current Fleet Admiral and Commander - In - Chief. The organization is also blessed with the leadship of the Deputy Commander - In - Chief, Admiral Stryder Garath, and the Vice Fleet Admiral Ciriax B. Abril.


Star Fleet On-Line Edit

[Star Fleet On-Line] is one of the oldest and longest running SIM groups on-line today. For more than 12 years, Star Fleet On-Line has been around -- Dedicated to the same thing that she was dedicated to since the beginning....Keeping the Dream Alive for Trekkers World Wide! [Star Fleet On-Line] is under the Command of [Fleet Admiral James T. Kirk.] Starting out at the rank of Ensign and working his way up through the ranks, Kirk knows exactly where Star Fleet On-Line has come from and he is looking forward to where she may go.

We have had many changes around the Fleet over the years. Some changes are for the better and some have not been go great, but we are always here for our membership and we strive to be the best. We strive to promote high quality simulations and we strive to grow. With the voyages that we have set our sights on, nothing will stand in our way. The dedication of [Admiral Stryder], [Admiral Abril], and [Admiral Herb] cannot go without mention. Their help has fueled the rebirth of our great group and helped to make a huge success of our efforts.

You will find many details of how Star Fleet On-Line is run and operated in the many links throughout the website. The Star Fleet On-Line Network is here to assist you with any information that you may need such as background information, SIM Times and Dates, and files to help you along your path. We hope that as a member of Star Fleet On-Line you will enjoy our company on [IRC], [(Internet Relay Chat)], and our conversations on the [LCARS Message Board] and you will feel free to participate as much as you can. We communicate by many means. We use the [LCARS Message Board], E-mail, and [IRC]. Once you become a member of Star Fleet On-Line, you become a member of a Family of which many people have become a part of throughout the years. We will see you....out there.....

Today, SFOL continues on a long and proud tradition as a decent sized club with five sims.