Star Trek: The Continuum was the title given to the official Star Trek website located at from launch in 1996 thru approximately December 2000. The designation was removed from marketing materials and publications in 1998 but the design did not completely fade until 2001.


Creation of the site was coordinated by Paramount Digital Entertainment, later known simply as PDE. Given the era in which the site was created, and a lack of experience in dealing with such matters, The Microsoft Network (MSN) was contracted to construct the site. When it launched in 1996, it featured two separate sections. One, providing only basic generic information about the franchise, was available to guests and other users. More detailed, interactive, services were available only to individuals who used MSN as their ISP. Such membership would give viewers the ability to access a detailed library about all things Trek, interactive chat rooms, a graphical 3D chat room interface and the ability to join the official role-playing game of the site Star Trek: A Call To Duty (ACTD). Many services, features and interfaces found on the site were years ahead of their time.

The site's initial launch was not as popular as hoped. Users of the Internet found member operated forums and website, most of which could be accessed for free, a better alternative to using MSN. This factor is what contributed to a series of lawsuits by Paramount Pictures against website on the Internet featuring Star Trek related content. It was also during this time that America Online was sued for using the term Starfleet Online and other related titles without authorization, an action that would result in the renaming of SFOL to Spacefleet Online.

In the end, the action turned into a public relations nightmare for Paramount Pictures. It was such a disaster that in January 1998, Paramount Digital Entertainment refused to renew it's contract with MSN to operate Star Trek: The Continuum. The site maintained it's title into the year 2000, though most marketing material had stopped featuring the name by the end of 1998. In December 2000, the website terminated it's sponsorship of the role-playing game Star Trek: A Call To Duty (ACTD). While the group would survive as an independant organization, no others would be officially recognized by the site for almost two years. In October 2002, the official Star Trek website started advertising the Star Trek Simulation Forum (STSF).

In 2006, with the sale of Paramount Pictures, Paramount Digital Entertainment (PDE) ceased to exist. However, the actual personnel responsible for the site have continued their work under CBS Studio's Internet section.

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