Starbase 254 is currently serving as the speerhead against a new Romulan aggression.
Name: Starbase 254
Registry: SB254
Crew: 5700
Affiliation: FSF Epsilon Fleet | FSF
Class: Boarder Defense Station
Cruising Speed: N/A
Maximum Speed: N/A
Constructed: 2365
Status: In Active Service on Romulan Boarder
Name: USS Pathfinder
Registry: NX-74000
Crew: 80
Affiliation: Starbase 254
Class: Pathfinder Gunboat
Cruising Speed: Warp 7
Maximum Speed: Warp 9.7
Launched: 2369
Status: Currently Attached to Starbase 254



Starbase 254 was the last of the Boarder Defense stations completed. It was put into mothballs for the Dominion War. After the war, it was finally activated and crewed.

Commanding officersEdit

Starbase 254 has had two Commanding Officers, the first was Captain Caterina Ticozzi, who after her promotion to Captain was reassigned to Starfleet Intelligence. With her departure, then Excutive Officer Commander Mike Hunter was made Commanding Officer. He was then promoted to the rank of Captain and given overall command of the adjacent sectors.

Ship backgroundEdit

Technical infoEdit

Dimensions : Diameter : 2,842 m Height (overall) : 2,160 m1 Decks : 397 Mass : 20,000,000 metric tons Crew : 5,700 Starfleet, typically 4 - 6,000 civilian Armament : 100 x Type XX phaser arrays 16 x Type 3 burst fire photon torpedo tubes Defence Systems : Enhanced High Capacity shield system. Ablative Armor. Docking Facilities : Internal docking bay capable of holding up to fifteen starships, depending on type 4 external docking ports for larger ships

The crewEdit

In serviceEdit

Command crewEdit

  • Commanding officer (CO)
    • Captain Caterina Ticozzi
    • Captain Mike Hunter (Current)
  • Executive officer (XO)
    • Commander Mike Hunter
    • Commander Sean O'Doyle (Current)
  • Operations manager (OPS)
    • Lieutenant Commander Sean O'Doyle
    • Lieutenant Junior Grade Fallstar (Current)
  • Science Officer (SCI)
    • Lieutenant Junior Grade Sabi'k (Current)
  • Chief engineer (ENG)
    • Lieutenant Sara Toreago (Currrent)
  • Tactical officer and Security chief (SEC/TAC)
    • Lieutenant Duncan Blackstar
    • Chief Warrent Officer Camen Torelli
    • Lieutenant Duncan Blackstar (Current)
  • Chief medical officer (CMO)
    • Lieutenant Mireille Bellamont
    • Liuetenant Taja Livana (Current)

Background informationEdit

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